Friday, September 28, 2007

i *totally* crack me up!

...yes, i am a sad, sad woman...

...not to mention tardy! yepper, tardy and sad...that'd be me. admittedly, i have cut this deadline pretty close, even for me: the fourth challenge over at scrapdragons ends at midnight on sunday. but it's a sketch challenge.... (and you KNOW how i love me some o'those!) ... & the sketch is by erica hilldebrand of sketch it, no less... (those scrapdragons, they are hooked up!) of course, i had to play!

now, to qualify for the big prize, you have to do a layout. being the resident "card diva" at said challenge site, i have no shot at the goodies anyway, and as you know, i am not so much with the layouts; i prefer the cards. plus, i am always up to prove that pretty much ANY sketch can be adapted to any size, shape or medium. so--surprise, surprise--i made a card!

the illustration is from a vintage goldenbook. the minute i saw it, a couple of months ago, the caption popped into my head. it still makes me chuckle everytime i see...or even think...of it. (yes indeedy--very sad; see above.)

(pattern paper: imaginesce; acryllic letters & punctuation: heidi swapp; border & frame stickers: ki & making memories ; question mark sticker: kelly panacci; brads: doodlebug; font: tangerine; other: colorbox ink; foam tape; cardstock)


  1. You totally crack me up, so I must be a sad, sad woman too ... absolutely hilarious & beautiful at the same time ... love it.

  2. HAHAH!! LOL you crack ME up too! do find scenes just like this at your local SCA events! HAHAH!! (
    Great card!

  3. wow lauren, i just wanted to pop along and say thank you so much for your lovely message on my blog, its so nice when people really like something that you've done. i've bookmarked you, so i'll be keeping an eye on your work, which is fab too by the way xxx

  4. Hi Lauren,

    You've won a prize in my very unofficial competition! A competition that I didn't even know I was running until last night, when after a couple of glasses of wine I was compulsively checking my blog (as you do) and saw your comments.

    Anyone who is willing to spend 15 minutes trawling through someone's archives for a knitted pants shot definitely deserves a prize!

    Your prize isn't an actual monkee (sorry),but it is monkee related and your niece may like it :)

    If you'd like to claim said prize, can you mail me your address to and I'll pop it in the post to you.

  5. See, this is why I love you and your blog. You always bring a smile to my face. You have a great sense of humor!

  6. Hi Lauren, you crack me up, this card is so, your warped sense of humour! ( I love it! ) I will definately be checking out the scrapdragons site, thanks very much!

  7. You always crack me it!!

  8. This totally cracked me up!....sadly for reasons which remains unclear! Hee-hee-hee!!

  9. your blog is hilarious! and this post just summs it up for me. I love that card!!!!!!


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