Sunday, September 30, 2007

oh dear, it's a re-run

sorry. i know everyone who hangs at caardvarks has already seen this puppy, but actually i never posted it here, because i didn't want the person whose birthday card it was to accidentally catch a glimpse of it prematurely. now that it is safely in the hands of said recipient, i'm putting it up, full-sized, purely because i really, really like it! (there--i've said it and i don't care if it sounds conceited!)

see, once every two years or so, something comes out looking pretty darn close to the picture that was in my head when i started making it. (i have a theory that "success" or "failure" in the heart/mind of a creative person depends not on the finished product as such...but in how the finished product compares to the mental "target" at which one was aiming. this explains why occasionally a person who has produced something which is an absolutely amazing triumph to everyone else, is bizarrely & inexplicably unhappy with their work.) (ok, i said it was a *theory*!)

the bliss collage (as i dubbed it) represents for me one of those glorious, giddy, "that's exactly what i was trying to do!" creative moments, so please excuse me whilst i revel in it! :)

(anahata katkin clip art; basic grey & all my memories patterned paper; ek success chipboard words & vellum stickers; basic grey fibers; oriental trading co flowers; michael's beads; colorbox inks; rub-ons: fancy pants, amm, making memories, scenic route, polar bear press, creative imaginations, autumn leaves; all the rest are "one-of-a-kinds": vintage sheet music, illustrations from old golden books, bengali text from an indian newspaper, etc.)


  1. Truly amazing ... the textures, colors ... lots and lots of eye candy.

  2. Oh Lauren your work is so lovely! What a treat to visit you, it is truly a delight!

  3. Lauren, this is absolutely beautiful! really amazing!

  4. hey...that is mine!!
    and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it too!
    it's on the fireplace.
    it is even more fabulous in person.
    thank you my dear!!!!! :)

  5. Seeing this card, for a moment thought I had somehow gone to your old post!;-) Go ahead with your re-runs! For some, it will be completely new....for others like me, its always nice to see again such beautiful cards!

  6. I love your is so cool!


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