Tuesday, September 25, 2007

pay no attention...

...to the crazy woman, wavin' her arms about!

i have been wanting to add a photo to my profile, and apparently, to do that, blogger needs me to post it first, and then link to it. the photo was already hosted online, in a photo album...but that wasn't good enough for blogger. oh no. a simple link would not suffice.

here you go, blogger. and thus, i am outed as a total egomaniac! ...satisfied...??

i often use this photo, in these sorts of situations:

it is me, a couple of years before t'internet was invented. ok, a couple of years before PC's were invented. ok, the electric typewriter in the picture? that was state-of-the-art...at the time this pic was taken...that was like a 50" flat-screen plasma tv! ...so it was a while ago...

i almost used this photo:

not because i think it's better...nope...purely for the opportunity to use the caption, "portrait of the artist as a young manatee"!

geddit??! MAN-atee?!!!!! hahahahaha!

ok, nevermind.

i will go with the first one. me, this summer, 45 minutes after my plane landed in san diego. ...it don't get much better than that, baby...


  1. You never fail to crack me up!!
    What great pictures!

    Ahh... San Diego....... NOTHIN'S BETTER THAN THAT, Baby!!! NOTHIN'!!!!

  2. You are too funny...Love all the pictures!!


  3. Beautiful Pictures! The Profile Photo seems to say - "Come & see my world"....it's really inviting!

  4. I came for the ball and looked around a bit. I like the photos! And you are very funny. Nice to meet you.

  5. love your blog and art...was just in nj last weekend...thanks for the dance...blessings, rebecca


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