Wednesday, September 5, 2007


don'tcha loooove the title?! yepper, it's the new CAARDVARKS challenge: use stickers on your easy is that??! the design team managed to fill up two gallery pages using only the neat packs we had from our sponsor, frances meyers. the best part is that since some of us were given the same stickers, you can see how many cool & completely different styles you can get using identical products. LOVE IT!

since i made *10* cards...and since my back went out at work yesterday and i'm still not really up to sitting for more than like 15 seconds at a time... (it has taken me 20 minutes--and several breaks--just to write this much!) i've decided to post half today, and half tomorrow. (you can see 'em all in the gallery at any time, though.)

if you need me, i'll be on my living room floor, bemoaning the lack of quality daytime television!


  1. These are all AWESOME! I think the best cards you have posted yet. I really love them all. You have serious mojo going on. Sorry your back is not cooperating so you can keep going!

  2. Gorgeous! My fav- 1st & 2nd though!

  3. OH NO!!

    First me now you! I sooo feel your pain. I hope your back feels better soon.

    I love love LOVE your caardvarks stuff this challenge.... especially the angel layout :)


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