Tuesday, September 4, 2007

only one day to go!

until the new CAARDVARKS challenge posts...and i'm getting pretty excited! wait till you see the *design team gallery*! wait'll you see the PRIZES!!!!! i've decided i just cannot wait till you see a couple of my cards...ok, ok, part of a couple of my cards. i'm not giving away the theme(b/c jen would kill me!) but i will say that you definitely have a bunch of the thing you're going to be asked to use...you might even be glad to use some up...and it could be easier than you think to do so in a cool way! (and yes, i do know it's obnoxious to hint...i just can't help it!!!)


the *BEST* part of blogging is the comments, dontcha think? thanks for taking time to leave one! ~♥~