Friday, December 2, 2022

Wrapping Up Jingle Belles 2022

We've finished the 2022 Jingle Belles season, and Stephanie and I hope that everyone had as much fun getting a jump on their holiday card production! Having made a few multiples during the year, I wound up with just over 60 cards. Now all I need to do is sign them, stuff them into envelopes and head down to the post office!

We've posted one last link-up for the year at Jingle Belles, you can use it to share your last-minute holiday cards and, if you have a few minutes, cruise through the other cards to be inspired and maybe leave a comment or two. Meanwhile, Stephanie and I are taking December off, but we'll be back just after the New Year rings in on January 1st to start another year of stress-free holiday cardmaking in style!

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this year our most fun EVER; we'd love to see you back again at Jingle Belles in 2023!


  1. Always love seeing your Pile O' Christmas Cards. Such fantastic makes!

  2. Looking forward to staying ahead of the Christmas card hustle with this challenge...see ya in 2023


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