Sunday, July 29, 2012

the penultimate ICADs!

the first three are from the week 8 prompt list in the index card a day section of the daisy yellow art blog; the last three are from week 9! don't forget that tammy is going to be posting a daily paper prompt for the entire month of august, which-- quite incredibly to me, this summer has FLOWN PAST!-- starts on wednesday! come and play! come and play!!! ♥

card#54: paint
i almost threw this one away. because, seriously, when i had only done the background paint-through-stencil part, it looked totally lame and not at all like birch trees, and i was pretty disappointed. luckily, the only rule i made for myself in ICAD was: "just keep going!"; and since i couldn't toss it out and start over, it meant that i did just keep going... and thus i learned that some stencils really need a bit of outlining, too; and insipid paint backgrounds can be intensified with chalk or ink; and that metallic pearl white paint when applied messily over uniball pen really does start to look like birch bark and... well, let's just say it was a good night for LEARNING STUFF and this is now one of my all-time faves!

card#55: cup of tea
simplest collage ever. :)

 card#56: mail art
i found this envelope and its typewritten carbon paper invitation to "love and loyalty night" (erwin, nc; feb 8th, 1962) stuck in a book i got at a rummage sale. i wanted to make something with it, but it had to be something *I* would get to keep, lol; so here it is. mrs. margaret swanson, erwin chapter secretary, your work lives on and i salute you!

card#57: lyrics
this is one of the few cards from the whole ICAD project that i really, seriously don't like: i don't like the way the stencil came out; i don't like the way i blended the inks; and i REALLY don't like the way the stamping looks on top! but here's what i ♥LOVE♥ about it: i learned how NOT to do all of those things next time!!!!!!!!!!

card#58: bird
more inky, stencilly, blendy essperiments. i'm getting better and using a light touch to avoid "ink lines" when i change color. i've learned that hairspray will set chalk, whilst at the same time lightly bleeding the ink from a uniball pen; and that wonky stitching (plus papaya clip art) will cover a multitude of sins!

card#59: payne's grey
this is based around an extra print i had of a digital collage i made, which just happened to have the exact right color background! it was going to be a LOT more layery and complicated, but when i got the words on there they decided they wanted to be the star of the show. so i let them.

i was very excited this week to have my "happy day" card featured at laurel seabrook's "inspired by" challenge (ta v much, missus!) and also randomly selected to win $10 worth of basic grey goodies on the BG blog; plus, i got a shout out at unscripted sketches (thank you, ladies!) for the "ooh la la" card i made for this week's "something new" challenge at shopping our stash!

speaking of which, i happen to know that the upcoming challenges at both SOS and city crafter this tuesday are going to be pretty awesome, so i hope you'll stop back and see my cards*! 

*in one of them you'll be able to see the direct line between ideas i thought about/played with in these ICADs and a "finished product" of which i am quite proud; because while it's true that process IS more important than outcome; practice and experimentation in the "process" phase can later affect, or even improve your outcome... just sayin'...


  1. You have knocked these outta the park, missy! I think one of the toughest things we learn as crafters is to embrace our WTH moments as learning experiences. We take what we learned and apply it better next time. And if we can save it in the process, even better!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful work! I especially like the bird.

  3. Your creation is so fun ... and amazing too!

  4. A Wonderful selection here Miss Lauren ... love them all ... especially the cup of tea one!

  5. Fantastic as usual - my faves are the mail art and lyrics. I know you said you don't care so much for #57 - but there is just something about those "typewritten" words layered over the rest of it that I just love. It just proves that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"
    Thanks for visiting - love reading your fun and kind comments!
    Banana girl :)

  6. Holy crow! Amazing! I looooooove the first one. The colours are incredible, I am very glad you stuck with it! The college ones are awesome. Maybe it's not your fave but I think #57 looks wonderful! I love how you did the quote. The bird one is fabulous, so pretty and I adore the stitching on the last one.

    Hard to believe it's all over tomorrow!

  7. I'm in love with the tree lyrics ones. These are amazing.


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