Tuesday, July 10, 2012

this might be the MOST LAYERS i've ever put on one card (and remember it is *ME* saying that!)

i blame sean connery.

i'm pretty sure it was because i became so engrossed in viewing "from russia with love"* (for the umpteenth time) that i may have gone just the tiniest bit overboard, even by my own high standards in these matters! i was aiming for a sort of "grandma's treasures" feeling, as if one had discovered a beautiful old roll-top desk in an antique shop, and upon opening it, found it filled with postcards, recipes and keepsakes; each thing lovingly saved because it was special in some way.

i was inspired by the new prompt (#117) at the city crafter challenge blog, where i am very pleased and extremely proud to be guest designer for the rest of this month! as you know, kirsty, lindacheryl and ros not only think up the best challenges each week, they illustrate them with the MOST INSPIRING dt samples around, and it is always an honor to be in their company! this week, linda has asked us to create a recipe card, which i think is an incredibly cool idea... except sadly... i don't cook!*** so i decided to be a bit metaphorical and make up my own recipe for a happy marriage, as a centerpiece for this very vintage (and VERY embellished) anniversary card:

(recipe card: designed and printed using broderbund printshop and "manuscript" font; vintage: trading stamps; patterned paper: creative imaginations, laura ashley, graphic 45, webster's pages; decorative postcards: webster's pages; chipboard: sassafras; metal brads: my mind's eye; flower brads: oriental trading; white flowers: from a silk stem found in michaels' floral dept; tiny paper flowers: prima; leaves: trimmed from may arts ribbon; lace: from lovely linda brun (takk!!!); paperclip: unknown; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, gluedots, sewing machine)

i designed the recipe card using broderbund's printshop software, printed it on some greyish-tan cardstock, and distressed the edges with ink. the inspiration for the colors and embellishments was a pair of identical webster's pages postcards, one of which you can see peeping out at the top left of the main collage, and the other from which i've cut the large heart at the bottom right; i loved the combination of fruit, flowers, and foliage... and you can see i've carried that theme throughout the rest of the card! most of the rest of my ingredients came from the "leftovers" box in which i keep items from my various (and beloved) pixie dust paperie kits; the paperclip is an old "designer" one i picked up ages ago; the bright yellow panel that looks like a pane of vintage trading stamps actually IS a pane of vintage trading stamps, picked up on my travels.

if you're thinking, "that must be a pretty BIG card!" well yes, you're quite right. at 8 x 6.5 inches, it's not even CLOSE to being the biggest i've made, but definitely larger than the average. i used to worry about things like that, and also about how to send really lumpy things through the post. now i just protect the uneven side with corrugated cardboard and use a padded jiffy mailer. if it helps, think of them as "occasion-based collage art" and consider the additional stamps a sort of tariff that buys you the freedom to work without having to fit in any particular envelope! :)

i hope you will head over to CCCB, check out the amazing inspiration from one of the very best DT's anywhere, and then start thinking about your own design for this fun challenge! you have until next monday night to link up with us, and apart from anything else you'll want to check out the fabulous prize! ♥♥♥

*it's "bond month" on the encore movie channel, for which they are playing a 007 film every evening  at 8pm**. color me happy! :)

**surely it should be "007 pm"??!?!?! (but eight is actually more convenient, so i'll let it slide.)

***yes, i am serious. i do not cook at all**** this is 100% lovely husband jeff's department, for which i am extremely grateful. although i will NEVER be a size eight again, that's for sure!

****g'head and hate me, i COMPLETELY understand!!!!! :) :) :)


  1. You know I love the pretty layers right, especially this one, thanks for being our special guest and many more weeks to come, it was fun working with you, PDP or CCCB, you are the BEST!!!!

  2. WOW!! This is stunning. I LOVE all those layers, everything just works together perfectly - A truly inspiring design


  3. I LOVE this creation ... your recipe is fabulous!! Those layers could never be too much for my liking ... they are stunning ... I'm so happy you are guesting for us ... and I love to read your posts ... has your lovely hubby got a brother?? Enjoy your 007! ♥♥♥

  4. you just know how to rock the layers...I am green with envy about that and the fact that your hubby does the cooking...mine only makes spaghetti....and not very often (but thank goodness for that ;)...gorgeous card!

  5. This is truly a triple WOW card!!!! LOVE all those layers and it beautiful to boot! Sensational!

  6. It's the most three dimensional card ever :-)

  7. A beautiful card with lots of layering. Love all the different flowers and the sweet little bird. Wishing you a great weekend. Hugs

  8. Mmmm, Sean Connery ... oh, sorry, what were you saying?


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