Saturday, July 14, 2012

ICAD: the book of the film

i'm excited to have an "interim" post for the index card a day project at daisy yellow art blog instead of the whole entire week at once! oh yeah, and i finally decorated the cover of my little ring-bound book, so it's started to look "REAL" if you know what i mean? which ought to keep me going to the end, so as to have the complete collection; though actually i cannot say i've felt any inclination to stop-- apart from the occasional time constraint issue. (all of these prompts are from the week six list.)

card#36: rainbow
this is my new favorite. which is good, because despite being an almost EMBARRASSINGLY simple idea, it actually took longer to make than any other card in the entire project! i punched holes from rainbow colored paper scraps, and then stuck each tiny circle to a pre-glued index-card arch in rainbow color order, and then, because some of the dots were really not anchored as securely as i'd've liked, i put transparent text tape over top of the whole thing. you will definitely see me making additional "punch mosaics"... but possibly not from standard hole-punch-sized circles, because after carefully tweezering about the first hundred tiny orbs neatly into place, it just becomes seriously tedious. :)

card#37: ladybug
again with the drawing, lauren??!?! yeah. i am completely unrepentant about my utter lack of talent in this area, and highly recommend to everyone that they sit down once in a while and draw something, then color it in. apart from anything else, it is just SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! (and, no, it turns out not to matter at all-- fun wise-- if your drawing talent stopped developing at age 7, like mine did! process is INFINITELY more important than outcome!!!!!!!!!!!)

card#38: the ocean 
and here's the QUICKEST card of the whole project, sparked by finding this duplicate photo of a sandpiper taken during a seriously lovely may evening at new smyrna beach, florida.

ok, so the cover design turned out to be a lot simpler than i thought it was going to: just awesome (cursive!) magnetic refrigerator letters, some magazine goodness, a heart-shaped playing card, and a bit o'dymo love. whenever i make a minibook-- especially an art journally one-- i can never resist a "top shot" that shows all the bulky lumpy pages with sticky-up bits, and this was no exception:

another must-have shot is "the big sprawl", lol. ordinarily i wait until the thing is complete before doing these, but i just couldn't wait! :) i found a cool magazine shot of graffiti and this tape measure graphic for the back cover:

we are nearly 2/3 finished and my strongest feeling is that i really don't want it to end! i'm trying to think how i can keep the art journal habit going when this project is over. for some reason, i seem to be a person who *NEEDS* to be given a starting point... anyone have a favorite "prompt a day" (or week) site they love? anybody??! all suggestions welcom and appreciated! ♥


  1. picking up jaw from floor everything you shared by good grief woman...that rainbow one is over the top...over the rainbow...had to type it. Seriously, it is my new Lauren fav and I'm Pinning it.

  2. How FUN are these?!?! I seriously love your gorgeous rainbow and the text tape, uber fabulous!!! LOVE your cover as well with those fab magnetic letters! Such a fun project! Happy Saturday!

  3. Know what? I am seriously jealous of you right now. I want an icad book just like that too! (Using those alpha fridge magnets is an incredible idea.) And I want to be all caught up on my icads just like you! And I wish I could draw just like you! (Yeah, you're lucky I can't reach you or I'd give you a little swat for saying you can't draw. It's awesome!!) And I want an icad just like that rainbow one 'cause it's all-over fabulous! (Though I must admit I don't want to make on myself. Wow, girl! That's some serious patience you had with that. :-) )

    Love 'em all!

  4. Fabulous cards and ICAD book!!

  5. Oh WOW!! This art journal looks amazing!! I love ♥♥♥that rainbow ... and the picture of the sandpiper and well ... all of it! And if I could draw like you ... well I'd make loads more index cards ... Terrific!

  6. WOW Lauren, I love this ICad project and all those creative pages. I can just imagine all the work you had with that rainbow. Totally awesome...

  7. #36. Did you hear me shout NO WAY IN TOLEDO did she do those circles one at a time. Dude, you have serious patience. I wouldn't even CONSIDER that, and here you punched and glued and tapes and secured. I'd be blind. I might have a headache now just thinking about it.

    #37. You DREW those leaves?!?! You drew ALL of that? I love it!

    LOVE the cover, and how the stuff sticks out in all directions from your pages. What a super project!

  8. A-MA-Zing ... I'll say it again ... A-MA-Zing

  9. Wow! That rainbow and your other creations are just fabulous! Your CAD book is coming along so nicely, I must get going and make some more cards too!

  10. i ♥LOVE♥ everything, too, but i admit i only clicked over here so i could see what prompt sites your lovely readers recommended. huh - nothing? i'm guessing your fabulousness has intimidated everyone! FatMumSlim has been putting up a monthly chart of photo prompts that i think would be fun to reinterpret as art prompts - here's july:

  11. Lauren, I adore seeing all of your index cards gathered in a binder ring. Just amazing color and detail and pattern. So happy!!! The rainbow card is absolutely yummy! I do hope you will upload your index cards to Flickr and add them to the Daisy Yellow group for the challenge so that you can inspire others!!! Thank you and {{{hugs}}} again for using the prompts. And just in case your readers are interested, there will be daily paper prompts the full month of august!

  12. Wow. Brilliant. Amazing. Beautiful. Wow.


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