Sunday, July 1, 2012

ICAD, you CAD??!

here are my daily exercises based on the fabulous "index card a day" prompts, week four, from the daisy yellow art blog. i don't think i even have to tell you again how much i am LOVING this process, do i? i cannot believe this two month experiment/project/art lab is already HALF OVER!!!*

card #22: mondrian
every time i see one of piet mondrian's grid-like canvases i think, "i bet that'd translate really well to patterned paper and tape". uh-huh. totally.

 card #23: disco ball
one of my favorite book sale finds last year was a weirdly scholarly 1970's volume called, "the official guide to disco dance steps". i bought it to use as "extra pages" in my sheet music packets, mostly b/c i fell in love with the wealth of priceless (and LITERAL) step-by-step, "which-foot-goes-where" illustrations; but the photos and chapter headings-- (i've used one of each, here; over a stripey sunburst i made) --are pretty awesome, too. :)

 card #24: quote
i love-- and agree with-- this quote. the base of the card is a magazine photo from which i used the sunglasses for another project; but when i saw the negative space left behind, i realized it was equally (if not more!) cool!

card #25: draw an ice cream sundae
if i were in the fourth grade, and my school was having an art show, i am pretty confident this would get an honorable mention!!! ok, yeah, i AM NOT AT ALL good at drawing... but i am loving that this project is pushing me to draw anyway; and guess what? it doesn't have to be GOOD to be fun, and satisfying, and valuable as an exercise. (though i secretly think the *cherry* turned out rather well!) :) 

 card #26: fabric/quilt
this one mixes a prompt from this week with one from the first week. it also uses up all the tiny scraps from last week's red, white and blue SOS card! i've been wanting to try the idea of really geometric straight-lined paper scraps with really flowing, curving "quilting" on top. i used a rhonna farrer swirl stamp to "shortcut" the process a little bit and then machine stitched over it. the result is waaaaaaaaaaay over the top... but at some point you WILL see a toned-down and much more aesthetic version of this. so there.

 card #27: snowman (kama'aina)
this is what you get if you say the word "snowman" to me at 11:45 on a HOT june evening, when i am watching classic "hawaii five-0" on netflix. mahalo!

card #28: use a fortune from a cookie/recipe card
another combination of two prompts from this week, inspired by this particularly funny fortune which i had saved a couple of years ago AND the fact that i have a whole pack of these hilarious puffy stickers my friend deborah found in thailand; every sticker is a serving of food-- ranging from cake slices to bowls of noodles to chiles and fruits-- and each one has a happy smile. definitely the *NICE* cake who was waiting for me!

*which is by no means to say that it is TOO LATE to start! if you've been watching the process on other folks' blogs and thinking, "that looks fun... but i just don't have time" well, yeah, i hear ya on that one; but the weird thing is, spending 15 minutes or so a night (or first thing in the morning; or at lunch) on AIMLESS, non-deadline, non-assignment art play, sort of counter-intuitively "pays for itself" in terms of sparking ideas and getting one's creativity "warmed up" as it were. sort of like stretching before you work out, but without the annoying hamstring pain! plus it's sooooooooooo darn much fun! just sayin'... ♥♥♥


  1. them...oh that cake one is toooo fun...same with the snowgirl:)

    Happy July!

  2. I'm just lovin' your index cards... #22 and #26 are fantastic!!!

  3. Girl you've been busy!! These are fantastic creations ... 15mins?? sheesh ... takes me 15mins to let the concept come into my brain! ♥♥♥

  4. Can I disco while I make the cookies? Love these. xox

  5. Wow! Fabulous, just fabulous!

  6. Okay, these are beyond awesome!! I looove the colours and the style of the first one; the disco one is genius, and that background is fabulous; using that negative sunglasses shape - brilliant; the sundae looks delish (though I prefer mine with a skooch more whip cream ;-) ); the quilt one is lovely and crazy all at the same time; the snowman is da bomb, definitely my fave of the bunch and I adore the collage-y-ness of the last one. Another crop of amazing index cards!!!

  7. These turned out so cute!! Okay the quilt one and the snowman ones turned out to be favs for sure. I just love them!! I need to kick my making up. I'm slacking a bit it seems. I am posting mine in the flickr group and that is fun. Are you using your flickr anymore?

  8. I'm totally in love with that snowman - so cute! Love all the cards, they're really fabulous! And if you saw my ice cream sundae (which I didn't draw for good reason!) you would not award me an honorable mention! :)


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