Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the first half... of the last week... of ICAD (sigh)

i'm sooooooo going to miss the index card a day project when it winds up next week; although, having the prospect of an entire month of daily paper prompts on the daisy yellow art blog *IS* assuaging my panic somewhat! i'm currently trying to decide whether to dust off my old (and sadly neglected) art journal, or to start a brand new one* on august first. haven't quite decided yet. meanwhile, there are still a few more ICADs left both to make and to show; these are from the week 8 prompt list:

 card#50: use a photo
i took this photo last week, of the sunflower field belonging to one of our (down the road) neighbors; it was a bit of a grey day, so i came home and added a little "photoshop magic" the van gogh quote.

 card#51: numbers
ok, pretty basic here, just A LOT of different numeral stickers, vaguely in order, and outlined; this was weirdly hypnotic to make.

 card#52: candy
i think liked this one a liiiiiiittle better before i covered up so much of the woman's figure; although on the other hand, i think the quote adds to it... (i had planned to use the reverse side of this magazine page, in which the woman with the umbrella is visible, but when i turned it over to glue up, the surreal silhoutte was just too cool!!!) ...also, i think in a journaling project, if i don't "wreck" a couple of ideas per week by "going too far" i'm probably are not taking enough risks!

card#53: faces
i started drawing silly "happy faces" in college and never stopped. to this day i still always color them in with a yellow highlighter. my favorite is "le visage heureux"; that's him, with the beret!!! :)

i hope one of the happier "happy faces" out in the world this wednesday afternoon is YOURS! ♥♥♥

*why is the thought of starting a brand new... ANYTHING... always soooooooooo much more tempting than continuing an old one??! or is that just me? please share your thoughts on this matter, especially if doing so will make me feel less guilty about my fickle art journaling nature!!! :) :) :)


  1. -- there's a sunflower field around here somewhere. it's a secret, and i can't find it.

    -- risks. i love your attitude - taking risks, stretching the envelope, coloring outside the lines. i made a mess with paint this week.

    -- we are a fickle lot. i'm the same with work. PLEASE let this project be over so I can start on that other one. it looks WAY better.

  2. This is a fun selection of index cards! I love the sunflowers, and the quote on that card made me smile. The numbers are bright and colourful and look quite cheerful, I think. The faces are also quite fun. I really like how you drew them going off the edges of the card.

    I will agree with you about old art journals. After they sit around for so long they start to seem rather ordinary and then a new one just starts to seem so much more enticing and intriguing. But that's okay. Who says we have to finish old journals, anyway? Start the new one if that seems more fun.

  3. Wow! Such good stuff here! I love the photo card, the numbers, the faces. And I like how you turned the woman around and used her silhouette instead. Awesome work!

  4. Great ICADs...I especially loved the faces!

  5. How fun, and how adorable are those faces, love every bit!!!!

  6. Oooooh I adore your faces card! Maybe you could make some custom emoticons, eh? I'd use these all the time! I also looooove the field of sunflowers card, that quote is beyond perfect. Loving the other two too, the colours are fab!

  7. These cards are so much fun! I just love them all. I've totally slacked off on the cards due to busyness.. but I plan on picking it back up in August. I can't wait. I love the number one and all of them. So cool.


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