Wednesday, July 18, 2012

son of ICAD!*

more index-card-a-day, anyone?
(please say yes, as i actually do not have a "plan b" for today's post... except to suggest that the LOLcats always provide hearty laughs; or perhaps you'd prefer HAMSTERDANCE**?!)

as always, these are based on prompts devised by the very clever and talented miss tammy of the daisy yellow art blog; most from the week 6 list; the last two from week 7:

 card#39 (a two-fer): draw apples or lemons 
AND draw lines with a ruler
because the natural response to those two prompts was ALWAYS going to be a "tartan tatin"*** obviously.

 card#40: circus AND use a definition
another two-fer; both just good excuses to root through lots of lovely vintagey bits until i found something that worked!

 card#41: colored pencils
basically just a full-on "CASE" of tammy's gorgeous ICAD badge, but done in colored pencil instead of watercolors. (i am having to physically restrain myself from "finishing" this by adding a focal image or sentiment or SOMETHING... process not outcome; process not outcome...)

 card#42: cut out
not a two-fer but a double play: fussy-cut images AND a circle punched in the top of my two layered cards, in which prince charming is kneeling.

 card#43: white
A LOT of layers here, even for me; arguably too many; or maybe just not enough definition between them? this one was ALL ABOUT "process" however... (as opposed to outcome) i'm callin' it a "win"!!!

card#44: concentric circles
...or in this case ECCENTRIC circles: punched, inked, stacked wonkily, layered with transparency off-cuts and then stitched all over. better than therapy this one was; cheaper, too! (this is lovely husband jeff's favorite card so far; he's always very kind and complimentary about things i make, but this one really intrigued him, he kept turning it around and over to see how it was constructed, etc; i love it when that happens!!!) ♥♥♥ 

*yes, i am runnin' out of snappy titles for these and have begun to just get silly. sorry about that, can i just OWE you an awesome title to be presented at a later date?! (like... when someone else thinks up a great one i can STEAL?!) thanks! :) :) :)

**you'd forgotten all about HAMSTERDANCE hadn't you?! yeah, me too. you're welcome!

***pat yourself on the back if you get this joke; until you realize... it probably makes you as weird as i am! (sorry!) :)


  1. Fantastically awesome cards! :-) Love the dimension and how not all the cards are confined to being square (love all the stuff that sticks off the edges).

  2. HAMSTERDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, does that take me back. I might have just let it play eleventy times.

  3. I really enjoyed viewing all of these ... I love your take on each challenge ... the apple one made me laugh! I'm kinda wishing I had followed this challenge when I see all your creations ... I actually saw a book last week of those Lolcats! Have a great day ♥♥♥

  4. You are doing such fabulous works on the icad's.....I always love to see them:) My fav from this batch is the last all the circles and the whimsical stitching!

  5. wow...busy girl you have been, haven't you? love every single one of them...the tartan tosh is definintely my fave though...

  6. Love 'em, especially the apple one (it would be way cool if that's how apples actually looked) and the fairy tale one (though I always wondered how on earth Cinderella could even walk the next day if she spent the night dancing in shoes made of glass). Oh and the circles are oh so awesome too.

    Btw, thanks for putting the hamsterdance song in my head. It's been playing on a loop for some time now. :-)

  7. I love your cards, so much juicy inspiration, but the apple card...stunning!! :)

  8. Wow...that circles card is AWESOME! I also really like your apple, and the imagery on the Cinderella card. Great work!

  9. gorgeous cards, but I think the 'white' one is my wait, maybe the pink circles...but vintage images are brilliant too...I can't decide!


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