Sunday, July 8, 2012

"it is a fact, universally acknowledged..."

"...that a papercrafter, in possession of COOL NEW STUFFS, must be in want of USING THEM IMMEDIATELY!!!" 
(very slightly paraphrased by lauren)
(although it's quite obviously what jane would have said, had she liked making cards better than writing novels!!!)

as it happens i *AM* in possession of some verrrrrrrrry cool new stuffs, including a bunch of pink paislee paper and embellishements from various lines; lots (and i do mean LOTS!) of deco tape; and some entirely luscious papaya stickers (from stephanie! ta, missus!!!)... so i made this:

(paper: pink paislee; glossy white cardstock: ranger; diecuts and word strips: girls' paperie; stickers: anahata katkin, sticko; gem and plastic flower sequin: queen and co; brad: eyelet outlet; ink: prima; tape: 7 gypsies, love my tapes, hambly, queen and co; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape)

i used a gorgeous card map from a site i just found called sketch support; i was SERIOUSLY excited by this discovery until i found out that not only is the sketch itself quite old, the site is also apparently not posting new ones anymore, so that's a bit of a double bummer... 

...on the other hand it's the PERFECT sketch for using a bunch of different tapes, ribbons or paper scraps, and there's no time limit on usefulness, is there? so in fact, i've printed it to save, and you can pretty much count on seeing this one again, too! :)

i mentioned earlier that something i was not in possession of for most of this week was a neck that would correctly support my head without extreme and completely thought-supressing pain. which was a bit of a problem, since nearly everything in life requires holding up one's own head, thinking, or both. for a while there, i thought i might have to run for congress, just so i'd fit in!!! :) :) :) luckily my chiropractor is a trouper, and extremely kind about squeezing in an extra appointment, even on a very busy night before a holiday, so i *think* i'm genuinely on the mend now, and totally ready for a brand new week!

i hope ♥YOU♥ will have a happy one, or at least a not-very-painful one, darlings! and if you're in the northeastern united states-- or indeed anywhere else that's currently just TOO DARNED HOT-- do keep cool and drink lots of refreshing beverages! ♥♥♥


  1. simply WOW...okay, papaya has stickers?!!!! Must buy some of those!

  2. Love this pretty card! Even if the site is no still ended up with a gorgeous card from the sketch. Hope you have a good week and feel's going to be a hot week...try to stay in the cool air my friend!

  3. oohhh Lauren, I hope your neck feels better...too hot and painful for that....gorgeous creation!

  4. WOW!! This is stunning, I love the design and the colours are gorgeous.
    I was sorry to hear about your neck pain, hopefully you are on the mend now

    Hugs Sue

  5. We need to get you one of these (about half-way down the post -- CAUTION: DEAD PEOPLE) -- to support your neck so you won't have pain, though I will admit the people in these photos weren't feeling much of anything to start with. *ahem* never mind

    So I went to the site for that AMAZING sketch and yes, indeedy, it is on indefinite hiatus. Bummer. One never has too many sketches to jump-start the ole mojo, eh?

    I hope you're feeling better. Sorry about the dead people. Oh, LOVE YOUR CARD, and I'm sooo stealing the idea. :D

  6. Can't even tell you how much I love having this card living at my house (it's now front & center on the Lauren card shrine ... a shelf reserved specifically for your amazing creations).


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