Monday, July 9, 2012

that was the week that was (ICAD-wk5)

last week was the first one since i've started the index card a day project on the daisy yellow art blog in which i didn't necessarily get to make a whole card each night, and i have to say that i really MISSED it on the nights that (owing to an overload of real life + neck issues) it just didn't happen. i *DID* do something towards the project every day, however, even if it was as simple as finding the bits i wanted to use for the next prompt on the week five list, or gluing up a background, or adding stitching or additional embellishments to a card from the night before. then, on saturday night, i had a little "ICAD fest" and finished up... which in its own way was a lot of fun, too! ♥

card#29: flag of your country
is it just me, or do the old stars and stripes look TOTALLY AWESOME when "re-interpreted" using patterns instead of solid colors??! no offense to betsy ross, but maybe it's time for an update? anybody wanna hit the quilting store with me?

 card#30: collage of pinks
this one's pretty self-explanatory, right? 
(which is not to take away from how much i ♥LOVED♥ making it!!!)

card#31: butterfly
the monarchs are from a magazine ad*, the scrap of music paper was a leftover masking experiment; i put them together and then went a bit mad and free-form on the sewing machine; and finally colored in the blank bits with chalks and pastels. this is one of my favorites from the entire series, both in terms of being fun to make and pretty cool-looking at the end.

card#32: colors of your outfit
ok, this started as a joke, because truly, most of my clothing *IS* solid black, and i was thusly dressed when i read the prompt. i was planning something along the lines of a reverse "snowman in a snowstorm" (my lovely blogging friend jan's awesome card from last week!) when the idea of a pie chart hit me, and i could not resist. (for the record, although i just made up the NUMBERS... this is a good representation of my clothes!)

 card#33: dramatic
again, i had a completely different idea for this, until i happened to find this picture of sarah bernhardt in an old book i bought to use in my ephemera packs and it reminded me of a funny childhood story.

 card#34: layers of color
could this *BE* any more "dina-inspired"???!?! right down to the star stamp, for pete's sake! but to me there are few people in the world who can make A LOT of layers of A LOT of different color really WORK, so i used this opportunity to try out some techniques i have seen her use... and a few i just sort of made up myself. in terms of sheer amount of fun making something, you cannot exceed how happy i was whilst this was going on!!! ♥♥♥

card#35: zebra inspired
yep. sometimes i am THIS literal. go figure! :)
(i do also happen to LOVE zebras... for one thing... we have the same wardrobe, lol!)

*it was actually an ad for some very expensive jewelry; my husband jokes that i am the only woman in the world who tore it out of vogue magazine and saved it for the butterflies!!! (but that's pretty much everything you need to know about ME, right there!) :)


  1. these projects are great! love each and every one of them!

  2. WOW!!! An amazing selection of cards. I love all the design and the detailing is just fabulous


  3. Oh they are all wonderful, pie charts and zebras, Dina inspired stars, yummy, I am so far behind, ah well, I can still catch up. Thanks for sharing. xox

  4. Looks like a whole lot of fun there!!!!

  5. Yet another bumper crop! Fantabulous cards!

    I totally think that should be the updated version of the American flag. Love it!

    That pink one is sooo pretty. As my dd would say (quoting one of her fave books), "It's pinkatastic!"

    That sewn butterfly is awesome! Such a cool idea.

    The one about your outfit is brilliant! Love the heart in the middle of your pie chart. And thanks for the shout out. That was sweet of you.

    Sarah Bernhardt has never looked so good! And why are you even thinking about coveting my scrawl when you have such lovely handwriting yourself?!?

    Layers of colour is gorgeous. I just love it.

    Zebras are awesome (though not quite as awesome as giraffes ;-) ). And so is this. Literal is sometimes soooo the way to go. :-)

  6. Such great cards! I love your re-interpreted flag, as well as your pink collage. The butterflies and outfit color pie chart are great too!

  7. WOW! Love your cards. The flag, the other ones are all stunning as well. Layers and layers. Stunning. Good job!


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