Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SOS62: what was i thinking?!

cool title this week at shopping our stash, no?  so let's get right to it:

Challenge 62: What Was I Thinking?! 
Use something you bought, maybe because everyone else was buying it, but it's sooo not "you".

this one was sort of dificult for me, because being one of those lazy types who doesn't really follow the trends, i tend not to BUY stuff that isn't "me"! so i chose a couple of products i really *like* but which i find a bit more challenging to use, and thus i've had them a while: grungeboard* needs to have an ink or paint treatment every time (for which i don't always have the patience) and little metal charm thingies are often an issue to ATTACH. having said that, i really like this card, so i'm thinking there could be more grungeboard and charms in my future! :)

 (patterned paper and charm: prima; glossy white cardstock and grungeboard wings: tim holtz; fuzzy rub-on: heidi swapp; ink: colorbox; paint: folk art; adhesives: tombow tape runner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

i used this week's retrosketch (#22) pretty literally, but took the liberty of making the inset squarish panel into a heart. to me that's "tweaking" the sketch and making it my own; but i realize that everyone draws the line differently on that sort of question, so i will understand if it's considered i've changed a key element!

a key element at SOS is our rockin' design team who have crafted their little hearts out this week... do hop over and leave them some love, k?!

*also... and no disrespect to tim holtz or anything... but grungeboard kind of has... how can i put this politely? ok, nevermind, i'll just say it: grungeboard *smells*! it's not a particularly bad smell, but it's definitely noticeable, and not entirely unlike the fertilizer aisle at home depot. is it made from recycled stuff or something? does anyone know WHY it smells... or (remembering the febreze controversy from some months ago) perhaps i'm the only one who feels this way? your opinions on this issue are most welcome! ♥♥♥


  1. Lmao...click here.

    Loooooooooove this. It's just gorgeous! Imo, you totally rocked the sketch.

  2. Yes, I agree the heart is allowed as the central element. It rocks!

    And I'd answer your grungeboard question, but then I'd need to OPEN mine. *ahem*

  3. Ooooh... that is SO pretty!

  4. Okay, you and Carla are enabling me to open one of my FOUR packs of unopened grungeboard that I bought because three of my friends bought it and loved it. I kinda like the smell, but then again I liked the wet ink smell of dittos...do you remember dittos? By the time I started teaching, copy machines were all the rage...whatever happened to ditto machines?

    Your card is uber fabulous!!! I don't use my charms either...hmmmm....

  5. Speaking of "rockin"....this card is it!!! Sensational! Love everything about it. The charm is fabulous on here too - and I'm like you, never know how to attach those things - but you did great on this. Love it!

  6. Fabulous! I'm always in awe of your lovely creations!

  7. Looks amazing.. And you had me laughing with the grungeboard bit..
    I don't know if I have ever notice that before. Now you got me wanting to work with some grungeboard. Or maybe not....


  8. Hehe I think the same thing about the grungeboard smell. My husband always makes some comment about it! Lovely card though- just gorgeous as always!

  9. I love your project, I am a fan of grungeboard and grungepaper and I think the smell is quite interesting! Gla you will use it again as your creation is beautiful Vee xx

  10. Ha! I've had a pack of grunge board for ages ... still sitting there just waiting ......... But seeing this I may ... well just may ... give it an airing ... I love your card ... love the heart and definitely love the charm ... ♥♥♥♥

  11. This is soooo awesome...what a wonderful take on the sketch!

  12. Your card is gorgeous! Great colours and you done good work with grungeboard! :)
    Hugs from Slovenia!

  13. Lauren,
    you are such a ray of sunshine! Love your over the top comments, they always make me smile ;)
    And your card rocks - as always!


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