Wednesday, December 16, 2009

triumphant return of the monsta card!!!

i realized last night that what was holding me back from making additional monsta cards was the fact that i couldn't think of any new monsta sentiments, and somehow it seemed wrong to "re-use" the ones from last year. then, as he so often does, lovely husband jeff set me straight, by pointing out that i do not invent entirely new christmas sentiments for my ordinary cards each year... (which, of course, i don't) ...and if it's ok to interpret "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" in lots of different ways, surely it's also fine to re-use "pink christmas beats white christmas any day!" as well.

so i did. :)

(monsta cut from paperchase giftwrap; patterned paper: creative imaginations, doodlebug, scrapbook wizard, prima; snowflake punch: paper source; teeeeny brads: queen&co; outline pen: copic; ink: colorbox; other:
dymo labeller; adhesives: xyron, tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

thus my thought for the day is this: if there's something you want to do...DO IT! there are always gonna be people who like what you do and people who find fault...TRY TO ALWAYS BE in the first group...and then stop worrying about the second!!!

that LHJ...sigh...he's a genius, isn't he?!
(am i a lucky DUCK or what?!!?!)


  1. I have constructed an absolutely BRILLIANT Christmas sentiment (complete with picture) that I am desperate to do something with but I simply lack the clever skills.

    Are you available for masterclasses?

  2. pink-monsta-licious...I absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥ it!!!!!

  3. Of course you can use the same cuteness as a sentiment!! I love it. So adorable. I love your circle cards. I can't wait to see more of your Christmas cards. I'll be sad to see the holidays go, because then they'll be no more Lauren Holiday card goodness. :)

  4. Love the pink Monsta card !
    ... and yes he is :-)

    Hug, Linda

  5. now who KNEW there was pink dymo lables?.... I LOVE ZE CARD! LHJ is a genius but you are too missy- only a genius woulda come up with this card! and go ahead and reuse sentiments - you think we remember? heck no! LOL and if the sentiment fits - wear it- meaning if it worked last year for a card - it certainly will work this year - i mean i doubt you're making theeee exact same card (or its not going to the same person... you make soooooo many different ones ..) letting go and just making what you love is definitely the way to go - if you love it thats the only thing that counts (and if anyone doesnt like it they can be removed from your list of card recipients.. and then THEY'LL be sorry!!!!!!!!!)

  6. This is absolutely darling! Your card is beautiful and that little pink guy is adorable!


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