Sunday, December 13, 2009


if this DOES NOT make you at least chuckle a little bit... should probably get your laffer checked and serviced!!!


completely unrelated ps: if you're not registered at designer digitals, you should be! they're currently celebrating "12 days of christmas" with a brand new seasonal item each day for 25 cents and a different bunch of 25% off things each day! even if you're not into holiday stuff, they have two new 25 cent items every single week all year long!

consider yourself enabled, ok?! ;)


  1. I would reeeeaaaalllly like to know what happened to cause that level of hilarity!

  2. Is there any trick to finding the 25 cent item without scrolling through the entire list (not that I don't enjoy scrolling through the entire list, but sometimes a gals got to narrow down her shopping time)?

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