Friday, December 4, 2009

at the sound of the tone, please record your message


i apologize for being a not-very-interesting blogger, but suddenly i've got christmas shopping fever, and have spent every moment of free time this week thinking up and acquiring gifts. so much so, that i am (shhhhhhhhhh!) ALMOST DONE!

because i am...


(hope your holiday chores are going equally well...

or at least that you are having a wonderful week!)



  1. Pure envy from me. I work right up to the deadline of shop closing on Christmas Eve.

  2. Lucky.
    We're last minuters for the most part.
    ALTHOUGH we are going out in the morning on Saturday to buy LOTS OF STUFF!!! YAY!
    And you're a fabulous blogger. So there.

  3. thanks for the smile!! I think you are a fantabulous blogger!

  4. i finally started shopping yesterday - i literally talked to myself and said - self you better get your butt out to a store 2day. i didnt argue with me anymore and actually did some damage :-) at the kohls sale LOL
    that kitty looks like frankie :-) who is most definitely NOT fawosus - he just pretends like he is!


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