Saturday, December 19, 2009

it's not a's an ENCORE PRESENTATION!

taking a cue from network television, i am repositioning the monsta cards in a more advantageous marketing context! (how's it going so far??!)

actually, it's just the slogans on the monsta cards that are recycled from last year...the designs are new...and of course i was not addicted to machine stitching in 2008.

this was one of my favorite lines last year...and it still is!

(monsta cut from paperchase giftwrap; patterned paper: basic grey, dcwv, prima, love elsie + a scrap of vintage sheet music; blue glossy cardstock: jam paper; inks: colorbox; pen: copic outliner; adhesives: tombow mono runner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine; flower punch (to make bite marks): marvy)

my mother saw the monsta cards for the first time the other day, and rather to my surprise she found them hilarious! we spent a fun (if exceedingly chilly) day out together in new york, she wanted to see the tree and decorations at rockefeller center, and the gorgeous christmas windows at the department stores (lord and taylor were our favorites this time). we've done this a few years now, and i think it may become a holiday tradition. having grown up on long island, my mom remembers being taken to see the lights and sights at christmas time as a little girl--and apparently the current ones hold up pretty solidly to her fond memories! (well done, nyc!) this year we found a sweet little collection of holiday shops that is set up in bryant park for the month of december, had a delicious lunch of crepes and brandade at la bonne soupe, and toured the magnificent saint patrick's cathedral.


  1. I s'pose (given as it was your mother and all) i can unnerstand you going on a NYC jaunt without me but that doesn't mean I have t' like it!

    Also LOVING the monsta line.

  2. Lauren.. Pitty NYC is such a looooong way from Norway..Sounds like you and your mum had a fab time...

    Really funny and great looking monsta card....

    Snowy hug , Linda

  3. ooh that looks like so much fun. I've never really been to NYC. I bet it was cold! Well cold for me. hehe.
    I love the card! Its so cute. They are hilarious. :)

  4. I still love your monster designs. Hope you have a great holiday!

  5. Just as good the second time fact I think I would be disappointed to not see a version of this one next year!♥

    (-: Heidi

  6. So glad I am like 3 weeks (or more) behind on my blog reading. This is the card you sent me (it arrived yesterday). I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. I wish I had your sense of humor!

  7. Amazing as always


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