Wednesday, December 30, 2009

52Q: 46 (glow) ...and... 2010 journal project

did you think i forgot all about 52Q?? well, i didn't, and in fact i've been reading--and mentally answering--the questions each week; but i got so occupied with the holidays, that was as far as i got! my goal is to get caught up before the year's end...but i will settle for early 2010 and feel quite pleased if i make it! to that end, here is...

question 46: what makes you glow?

(materials, front & back: patterned paper: sass; letter masks: heidi swapp; spray inks: glimmer mist & smoosh; chalk ink: colorbox; gem flourishes: oriental trading co; pink & clear glitter glue: michaels; other: sewing machine, manual typewriter; adhesives: uhu gluestick, tombow monorunner)

text reads, "i know that it's a mistake to get too hung up on external validation, especially with regard to art; but somehow it just never stops being exciting when someone else GETS the things you thought nobody would...and then takes the time to tell you so!"

as i finish up this year's journaling project, i am also looking ahead--and looking forward to--next year's journaling project, which i am very pleased and proud to announce is being hosted by my lovely blogging friend gina, of tyggereye art! gina will be hosting "HEART the ART" for which she will be providing us with a brand new journal prompt each and every saturday of 2010...starting this coming saturday, january 3rd!

personally, i cannot wait to see what my very talented and creative friend has in store, and i hope lots of you will be excited to join in, as well! read all about it on this post...and then hopefully i'll see you in the flickr group next week! is this the best new year's present EVER, or what?! (thanks, g!)


  1. okay, I love this one...great job my is all about someone "getting it"...isn't it?

    Hmmm....I hope to get my act in gear and join in on the gotsta remind me though:)

  2. fabulous, love!
    and YES... especially the ones that that are less gettable, eeyanno?

    you know what makes me glow? rice-a-roni. have you seen the nuclear fluorescent ring that stuff leaves on a plate?

  3. Aww I love this one! What a great one. I love when you feel like someone gets it too. I think thats why we get along so well. ;)

    Thanks for the shout out. Hope there are some other crafty fiends out there that want to join us!

  4. I know it shouldn't drive me as much as it does, but I do thrive on the external validation too...

    Very pretty ATC! Maybe I'll try to participate this year; I always admire your ATCs, but I rarely could come up with such appropriate and creative answers :)


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