Tuesday, December 8, 2009

this isn't the worst card i've ever made...

...but i think it's probably pretty close.

(pattened paper: doodlebug, making memories, love elsie + vintage sheet music; cardstock: core'dinations; christmas tree dingbat font, used as a template scrap-n-fonts; diecut presents: dcwv; "merry" transparency: ki; word sticker: making memories; velvet trim: doodlebug; ink: colorbox; adhesives: tombow mono runner, 3m foam tape; other: mylar stars, sewing machine)

the thing is, i'm not really sure what's wrong with it. i love the cute little trees. i LOVE my nestibilities "labels 8". (lucy, you were SO RIGHT!) i love the machine stitching, and the papers, and that fun velvet trim. but somehow, the totality of the card is LESS than the sum of its parts.

does it say something horrible and passive-aggressive about me if i confess that i will probably send it anyway?? well, yes, very possibly...but hey...it's 16 days before xmas, and i've suddenly discovered i don't have NEARLY enough cards made. this is NO TIME to be overly fussy, people!!!

just out of curiosity:
what do *YOU* do with the cards you don't love, but can't afford not to use?


  1. Look again girl...this card is FABULOUS!!! Send it to ME! I LOVE it! so cute! The cards I'm just not feeling, I have to confess I send anyway. Hopefully they will like them better than I do.

  2. no you are quite right. that is obviously a hideous card. In fact I am typing this with my eyes closed so as not to burn out my retinas.


    May I have it and own the copyright? Thus solving my Christnmas card dilemmas for the next decade????

  3. I like the card, but it is missing swirls. Lots and lots of swirls. That would make it more Lauren-y :)

  4. I like the card, but it is missing swirls. Lots and lots of swirls. That would make it more Lauren-y :)

  5. You are stressing. Take a DEEEEEEEP breath and send it to one of the lesser appreciative Christmas Card recipients on your list.
    I send my "not-the-bestest-cards" to those who will be most likely to throw them away.
    Don't forget, it's the thought that counts anyway.

  6. Forgot to tell you that you are SOOOO wrong. This card is great.

  7. Well, shoot. I just send them to people who either
    a) don't really appreciate the work but should get a card anyway
    b) would love a handmade card so very much that they would never, ever think that it was less than perfect!

    Hah! I just thought of another way I got rid of cards last year... I gave them to a non-crafty friend to give to the people on her list! (yes, I realize that there isn't much time to make something else, but it's the challenge that makes it better - right?!)

  8. Oh, yeah... where's the glitter?! (said in my best 'Where's the beef' old lady voice)
    Can't be a Lauren card with NO GLITTER!

  9. I love it, so what's wrong with you?

    And for cards I make that I do not love? Sometimes I use parts of them elsewhere, sometimes I put them in my 'sell' bin in hopes someone ELSE will like them (someone usually does), or if it is truly horrific, I toss it and move on.

    PS: Not sure if you know Chinese, but I suspect that previous comment is SPAM. Just sayin'.

  10. LOL...you know chinese, right?! hahaha...dang spammers...

    well, I don't think there is anything wrong with your super fun card...we are our own worst critics.

    Oh sista...I put together lazy cards for family/friends...non layered...with rub ons....slapped my family pic on it and yipes, I'm sorry that I did them...really...just doesn't scream 'amy' in any way shape or form...I haven't popped them in the mail yet...sigh...I'm sending challenge cards to my bloggie friends...they are full of color and layers...sheesh, haven't popped those in the mail either...

  11. so yeah, i think the card is simplistic and cute (although some might say that i'm wrong about the simplistic, when you consider some of what's out there)... send it on out - the recipient will love it! knocks down all the crappy store-bought cards they'll be getting this year! :)

  12. Well ummmmm....I think it's not bling-ee enough. And other than that *if* you sent it to me i'd still love it!! lol

    I send all my crap cards to the relatives on my list whom I love the least, or the ones who've peeved me. heehee 'cause i'm nice like that!! LOL

  13. OK I do not see a single thing wrong with this adorable card. That said I totally know where you are coming from...cccasionally I'll create something that I consider to be completely vile, but without fail there will be someone who just loves it!

    I usually send my "rejects" out to people who I know will not really appreciate that is handmade in the first place and who will inevitably throw it in the trash. Like my uncle...who I love :-)

    (-: Heidi

  14. Oh baby - what an ugly card! You better send it to ME, i.e. someone who you know, but don't really know, who you might like to know, but you know the recipient would know who made it and keep it forever and ever and ever, amen. Uhh, yeah.

    Well - my sister always says if you want a perfect card - go to Hallmark.

    What do I do with my ugly cards? Send them to Hallmark. :)


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