Friday, December 18, 2009

houston, we have a label!

a christmas card mailing label, that is.

i confess that i do tend to obsess a bit over my holiday labels; i like them to be as cool as the cards inside. even so, i'm not sure i've ever spent this much time on one 3 x 4" project in my entire life...mostly because i just could not commit to a single idea. then i saw this gorgeous layout in the designer digitals gallery, and i realized that thanks to all of the 25 cent xmas specials DD has had this month, i actually owned a bunch of the same stuff the artist used. then it all sort of came together in a rush.

(patterned paper, circle tag, red floral: gabriella kit, laura skathi, funky playground; ledger paper: ledger grids #1, katie pertiet, designer digitals; gingham ribbon: indian summer nights kit, marci reckinger, funky playground; lace, tag ribbon: betsy's room kit, corina nelson, funky playground; xmas tree: collaged santa trees #1, katie pertiet, designer digitals; bread tag & staples: groceria words holiday: katie pertiet, designer digitals; word stickers: christmas cut-ups: katie pertiet, designer digitals; frame: notebook edged frames: katie pertiet, designer digitals; santa bingo: holida game cards: katie pertiet, designer digitals; initial b & text flower: from my bookshelf, katie pertiet, designer digitals; dangly tiny tag: winter park, katie pertiet, designer digitals; green mesh: bad boys kit, gretchen thomas, designer digitals; reindeer: jolly friends stickers #1, mindy terasawa, designer digitals; font: ck typewriter, scrap-n-fonts)

wouldja believe there are 25 products on this baby?! yeah, it turns out no matter whether i am using physical or virtual products, i like a lot of layers. A LOT of layers! well, at least i am consistent, eh?! :)


  1. And therein lies the difference between fashion and style. Always good to know what works for you. Glamourous as always I say.

  2. very fun!!!!! 25 elements...whoa...

    Happy friday sista!!!

  3. This is so YOU. Gorgeous.
    Do you need my address????

  4. Lauren...
    Really love the look of this, but not sure what it is... Never heard about xmas label before. What do you use it for?
    Curious... that's me... :-)

    Hug, Linda

  5. Wow, definitely the fabbiest labels I've ever seen!

    (-: Heidi

  6. It is gorgeous and very much appreciated by the recipients! dhDH even stopped to admire before handing the card to me to open :)

  7. u saw such before ?? [url=]Wonderfull.[/url]

    just some help one more and i get pics unlocked


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