Monday, December 7, 2009

tree for two...

christmas tree, that is.
much like those pictured here.
exactly like those pictured here, actually, since this is where we got our tree on saturday.
(ours is in the 27th row...4th from the left. nice, innit?!)

we managed to get in and out...or rather, out and back in...before the snow fell, but it was still pretty nippy. here's one of our intrepid arctic explorers, attractively attired in her intrepid arctic explorin' coat. note the super-abundance of hood, perfect for keeping out winter weather, and also vision of any kind.

we always get our tree at the this lovely farm in central nj, which happens to belong to jeff's godfather. we are the only people i know who have to haggle strenuously *UPWARDS* to be allowed to pay something close to going rate for our holiday plumage.

(thanks, uncle john!)

here are our intrepid tree hunters, proudly displaying their long-sought trophy. note the jaunty angle at which our heroine holds the saw! (those of you who know her will be reassured to know this was the entire extent of our heroine's contact with the saw. had it been an axe, even this would've been deemed too dangerous.)
(our heroine is a figure of some repute amongst klutzes!)

finally, here is a small extra bonus prize which came with our tree!

(lovely intrepid explorer jeff removed it carefully and placed it in another tree, in case the owners return next spring.)

so what did YOU explore intrepidly this weekend??!
(tell, tell!)


  1. I love all of your tree hunting photos!!! What a great place and super cute tree hunters :)

    And how fun to find a nest!

    ps.. It's two degrees here... cold!!!

  2. OMGoodness...whatta scenic and serene tree farm...absolutely lovely...

    We put up our non-pink tree last night...whilst I was blurfing away the *&^% thing fell down...whhhhaaattt??!!! broken ornaments galore...sigh...I was muttering that I'm getting a fake tree after Christmas...I heard a tiny was my boy:

    It isn't going to be a pink one, is it?

    bahahaha...seriously...cracked me up.

  3. Thankyou for sharing. Nice photoes from your tree 'hunt'

    Hug, Linda

  4. Oh how fun! I wanted to get our tree this weekend, but decided having the flu would be more fun. NOT!

    (-: Heidi


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