Thursday, December 31, 2009

a brace of cardinals

i didn't set out to make two quite plain cardinal cards, it just sort of happened. i needed a couple of wintery--but not christmassy--thank you cards, and when i saw this picture on the cover of the ll bean catalog, i thought how perfectly suited it was to the task! there's a bit of a winter-themed poem by shelley* on there, and some machine stitching, and some rhinestones... (which are covering up the spelling error in my first attempt at typing the poem) ...and that's it.

i liked the first card enough that when i needed another, i decided to look for a cardinal picture in broderbund printshop's clipart gallery, and i really liked this watercolory, slightly abstract one:

i put the sentiment on digitally, printed the whole thing on photo paper, and distressed the edges...and it looked pretty good...but you know i can never stand to have something just be *flat* so i decided to enhance the main branch with some machine stitching, and then i attached the image to my card in the same way.

ok. i'm ready for spring now. :)

(materials for both cards: core'dinations cardstock; photos from a catalog and a clipart cd, respectively; michaels gems; "you are loved" font; tonic edge distresser; sewing machine; manual typewriter)

*excerpt from "the question" by percy bysshe shelley:

i dreamed that, as i wandered by the way,
bare winter suddenly was changed to spring,
and gentle odours led my steps astray,
mixed with a sound of waters murmuring
along a shelving bank of turf, which lay
under a copse, and hardly dared to fling
its green arms round the bosom of the stream,
but kissed it and then fled,
as thou mightst in dream.


  1. ♥gasp♥ soooooo utterly gorgeous...happy new year my bloggie friend:)

  2. Oh, goody, I'm first!

    I think both cardinals are beautiful. Your machine stitching on the branches is terrific. The rhinestones are so very Lauren-y; they seemed perfectly suited where they are and I would never have known they were covering up a little error :)

  3. You, my dear, are amazing. Digital images are so NOW, and YOU USE A REAL TYPEWRITER, which is so ... so ... NOT now.

    I love both of these cards!

    Also, I love your natural creativity when you are not producing for a DT. I really do. xo

  4. Beautiful! Both cards are breathtaking and serene.. I do love what you did on the first w/ the LL Bean Catalog cover! Genius!

  5. BOTH gorgeous, but that first one??
    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in its simplicity. That red bird makes the card. And that row of bling is genius, even if it's covering a mistake.

  6. These are beautiful - plain is not the word that springs to mind in looking at them. I would say elegant is! Love to come over here and see what you are working on and give my eyes a bit of candy! LOL

  7. Shelley was a vile Rogue, an Animal. But read his bio and thou shalt find he kissed many a Bosom belonging to no stream.

    His conduct is why the Family disowned him and split into two branches - the Shelleys and the Silleys.

    Good Day,
    Percy Bisque Silley

  8. I'm so in awe! these are just gorgeous! I love that you covered the spelling error in bling...perfect! The stitched branch looks amazing and I LOVE that poem.

  9. ``Gorgeous` Lauren

    Happy New Year.!!!!!!TFI
    love and best wishes for 2010.....:)xxx

  10. Oh my goodness! You and your cards have literally taken my breath away!! I don't think I've had the good fortune to visit you here before, but what a fantastic treat! These cards are both absolutely> Happy New Years!! :>

  11. That should be your mantra..."Nothing can be flat!!". lol. I love these..especially the first one. so pretty!!! :)


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