Tuesday, December 29, 2009

did she say, "CROBOT"?

as in, "crocheted robot".
you know, kind of like this one:

i got this book a couple of months ago and did all the crocheting part of "mechanobot" (pictured above) whilst we were visiting LHJ's parents at thanksgiving.* it only needed an hour or so to do the making up, but did ~YOU~ have a spare hour between thanksgiving & xmas?? yeah, me neither. so i finished him off on our christmas visit to said lovely in-laws' domicile, where he was admired by all, albeit with some bemusement and ONE quite snarky cousin's speculation that "amigurumi" might be a japanese word meaning "pointless". then AFTER the funeral** we had snacks, so all was well again.

hooray for crobots!!!!! ♥♥♥

*i'm almost exclusively a travel knitter (and crochet-er). because when i am at home there is just waaaaaay too much paper around for me to work on yarn-based projects. but i do LOVE to make these little dudes and whenever we're set to go ANYWHERE my knitting bag is the first thing to be packed!

** i'm kidding, of course. absolutely no cousins were harmed in the making of this crobot, though my conviction that there are some people who will never receive anything i have spent time hand-making was confirmed. in spades.


  1. I absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ your adorable ♥crobot♥....dude you are over the top talented:) You seriously need to go in the biz and sell those cutie pies...

    a ginormous 'pooh pooh' to that dis-owned cousin of yours...pa-hooey.

    Look at his little springy arms and legs and pin back ears.
    LOVE him.

  3. Thank heavens for the disclaimer, i was beginning to panic that I may have to come stage a freedom protest in front of the pen for you.

  4. just how BLOODY CRAFTY ARE YOU?! he's flippin' adorable. i love little things with faces that don't make sense! :)

    got your gorgeous card, and thank you very much, missus. it happened to be my favourite of all the chrimbo creations you showed us.

    january's almost heeeeeeeere!

  5. ooh now he is cute!! I wish I could get into crocheting. But honestly when would I have time?? I love him. He's adorable and for the passive aggressive fool who said it was pointless well... ;p

    Thanks for all the note love today :)

  6. Super-stinkin'-cute for sure ... love his little pin ears ... and love that you find ways to be creative en route. Happy New Year!

  7. I am such a Lauren fan!!! Every detail of crobot makes me smile: his pin "ears", the screw he is holding, spring arms and fab feet! You are being too kind with "snarky"; I have another word...

  8. Love him.. Everybody schould have a Crobot by their side. He is cute. Lauren. thankyou for all your supportive comments in my blog this year and I'm looking forward to follow your creativity in 2010...

    Big warm hugs from freezing Norway...

  9. I just saw this book on Amazon. My daughter has taken to crochet and is looking at small dittys to make instead of large afghans. I love your little crobot...I also love your comment about your cousin's funeral. Not only are you talented...you are also so dang funny!!

  10. I love him, I so love him and now I want one...I must learn to make him. He is so adorable, absolutely precious - CROBOTS rule!

  11. Awwww! Your little Crobot is the cutest I've ever seen! LOVE HIM!!

    Happy new year, sweet friend!



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