Tuesday, July 28, 2009

52Q: 27 (found)

moving onwards with the 52Q project!

you'll have noticed these are completely out of order. when i fall behind, i tend to do the easiest ones first... (by "easy" i mean the ones for which i can immediately think of my answer and/or how i'd convey it on a card) ...and use the time that takes to ponder the other questions. this is how they taught us to take standardized tests when i was in grade school. it is one of the few things from grade school which really stuck with me... (certainly fractions did not stay long; and don't even get me started on the metric system!!!) ...and i find it constantly helpful in all sorts of situations!

question 27: what have you found lately?

(patterned paper: adrienne looman for prima, imagination project; ant stickers*: frances meyer; alphabet rub-ons: k&co, jenni bowlin; alphabet roller stamp: provocraft; other: ranger ink, uniball pen, tombow monoadhesive runner)

text reads, " i FOUND a whole lot of tiny ants swarming an open bottle of robitussin in my cupboard. i FOUND them hard to get rid of, despite a great deal of scrubbing & disinfectant & ant traps. i FOUND the whole experience very upsetting."

unfortunately, the above is based on a real-life true adventure. (bleck!) all i can say is, from now on, i shall rinse the bottle of robitussin quite thoroughly under the tap after each use. on the plus side, that teeny tiny coughing sound i thought i heard some nights has now stopped completely. :)

*i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "what kind of a weirdo would buy ANT STICKERS??!"** well, they were part of a picnic-themed set that i think i got for 25 cents on clearance somewhere. however, i did buy them specifically for the ants. it may have been around the time i saw the dali exhibit in philadelphia. what can i say, i'm a complicated kind of gal.

**except leslie. leslie understands this. which should worry leslie very slightly, but let's not mention that to her, ok? :)


  1. You crack me up sista...have a super week!

  2. LMBO! My first thought WAS "ants"? She wrote about ANTS? Too funny!!!

  3. Who wouldn't buy ant stickers? There are lots of picnic themes that just cry out for ant stickers!!! (and ATCs, etc.)

    Anyway, sorry about the ant invasion. Does it help to know you aren't alone? i think it has been a wet summer and they must love that or something. (err...not that i know about such things like ant invasions, cough, ahem...smile)

    Love your projects!

  4. I've been MIA, so I thought I'd say hi and tell you that I love catching up on all your posts! Happy July!!

  5. Ants coughing...too funny! Only you, Lauren. You are ahead of your time. I admire how your brain works.

  6. LOL love this!!!
    Have a great week!!

  7. I can't stand ants, but I find the stickers oddly cute! Fab card!

    (-: Heidi

  8. this is so funny! i really like what you did with the ants...even using them on the back! i hate ants...i'm allergic to the red ones :(


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