Monday, July 27, 2009

52Q: 26 (walls)

52Q just gets better and better! the questions, i mean. although secretly...i have been kind of pleased with my last few cards. partly because of how they've come out, partly just because it's SOOOOOOOO VERY FUN to be working on a free-form, no-pressure, art-play basis again! thank you very much, emily falconbridge, i needed that! ♥

question 26: "on my walls i would write..."

(prima patterned paper overstamped with a cherry arte crackle stamp; alphabet stamps of unknown origin; dmc embroidery floss, prima flowers, kaiser pearls, ranger ink, tombow green marker, tombow monoadhesive runner, diamond glaze)

"do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

(not to get all metaphorical on ya, but i kind of hope i *AM* writing this on the walls of my life!)

this is one of my favorite cards so far. (though sadly i just could not get a good pic!) making it was sort of like a zen meditation. not that i have ANY IDEA what a zen meditation is like...helllllllllllo, hyperactive girl here!...but i did find it both soothing and satisfying to play with alphabet stamps...and then pierce holes...and then hand stitch around each side...and at the end have it be prettttttttttty darned close to the picture in my head.

if i was gonna be PICKY... (who, me??!) ...i would say that in retrospect i wish i had done evenly spaced stitching around the edges. (though i will definitely use the wonky/uneven style again on something else!)

but hey...we live and learn, right?!
live and learn. ♥


  1. Oooh, I like this card very much. Always getting inspiration seeing your projects!

  2. fabulous Lauren...I'm a huge believer of what comes around goes around...

    Have a super monday!!!

  3. Love always look better IRL, but I think your pic looks good! Nice stitching, cool crackle background, and nice job stamping with your alpha stamps.

  4. YES, very much this IS on the walls of your life.

  5. FAB-u-lous quote to live by! Love your wonky stitching, too! ;)

  6. lauren, this card is at the top of my all time 'lauren' cards. love it!

  7. Words to live by for sure!

    Wow Lauren...This is sooo darned gorgeous! I love it...every bit of it...the stitching, the flowers, the pearls, the stamping...every bit of it!!

    (-: Heidi

  8. What a beautiful card! I really love the colours and what you're saying there is so true! Thanks for your lovely comment by the way, I really appreciate it.
    Hugs, Louise


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