Sunday, March 15, 2009

my mail carrier loves me!

wanna know how i can tell??

'cause the other day, she brought me THIS:

of course, she just deliverd it. the reallllllllllll love comes from my fellow caardvark, blogging mentor, and card-makin' heroine STEPHANIE SEVERIN! that lady knew i was on the lookout for REALLY *krafty* kraft cardstock and got me a pack of the absolutely marvellous stuff they sell at hobby lobby! but stef being stef, she couldn't just send it on alone. noper! there was a lovely handmade greeting, and a DELICIOUS acrylic cupcake mini-album! because she KNOWS ME, does stef...oh yes...she knows me WELL!!!

thank you thank you thank you oh generous and thoughtful one!!!


  1. Well, aren't you just one lucky duck?!!!

  2. That smilyn stef is so thoughtful. And she makes beautiful cards too :)

  3. Can't wait to see what krafty cupcakey goodness you come up with ... hugs

  4. OOO, I love this one! Love the layout and the colours!

  5. She's one very nice lady that Stef!!! I have one of her gorgeous creations at my house too...and I love it ♥
    Can't wait to see what you do with that cupcake mini album....too cute!

  6. Sooo lucky you are! Beautiful card, beautiful gifts, beautiful friends, beautiful mail-carrier .... All because YOU are such a wonderful person! Have a beautiful day... debb - who promises not to say beautiful for the rest of the day.


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