Wednesday, March 4, 2009

52Q: 6, 7, 8

ok, this is the last day of 52Q catch-up pages; tomorrow there will be pretty greeting cards, honest! oh yeah, and a new CAARDVARKS challenge.

question 6: if i could do it all again, would i change anything?

(photo from my sophmore year in high school, mrs. grossman's photo corners, manual typewriter; reverse: notebook paper, uniball pen, unknown woodstock sticker)

text below reads, "my do-overs would be practical: i'd've taken calcium in my 20's & been religious about eyecream...i'd've saved more money & spent more time with my grandparents...i wouldn't have sunbathed... (or smoked!) ...and i would never, ever, have gotten *THIS* haircut!!!"

question 7: what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

(vintage tally sheet, illustration & cut out words from an old children's book, provocraft roller stamp, scrapworks rub-on letters)

text below reads, "i have been pondering this for days and i still have NO IDEA! if it was, 'given unlimited funds'...OR...'with a perfectly reliable back' i could probably come up with a scheme or two. i guess i worry more about logistics than i do about failure. i suspect i will keep thinking about this question for a while."

question 8: what was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

(making memories & bam pop papers, making memories rub-ons, provocraft roller stamp; reverse: pic from "i can has cheezburger" printed on kodak premium photo paper)


  1. eeeeeeek!!! angry ferrets!!! LOL Lauren...please let us know the outcome on that one:)

  2. ...but I love your haircut in that pic..LMAO..didn't every girl have that same "do" in 10th grade? FUN stuff Lauren!!!!

  3. Ferrets are NOT angry! A little hyper, maybe, but not angry. A friend of mine breeds them. So cute!

    Congrats on getting caught up! And the 'do is not so bad. I kinda like it!

  4. My injured black dog just came over to see why I was laughing. 'Angry Ferrets'!!!!!!!!

  5. Look at you go!! These are this project!

    Oh and BTW, now angry ferrets are the last thing to make ME laugh out loud!!

    (-: Heidi

  6. I think the haircut is cute...oddly similar to my freshman year of high school pic :) I love the 80s!

    Those ferrets are too cute.

    Drat! Imissed the Kraft cs challenge; hopefully I will participate in the next 'Varks challenge:)

  7. OMG...didn't we ALL have similar haircuts in the 80's????? I know I stole all the photos of me in yr9 (very bad bowl cut!!!).
    These pages are awesome! I've been stumped on Q7 too. I think mostly it's because it really depends on your definition of failure, doesn't it. Without *failing* sometimes I wonder if we would ever really learn and grow.
    Angree Ferrettz made me laugh for a very long time...but if I were making this page today the answer to that question would have to be....LAUREN :)

  8. I love the fail one. OH MY GOSH that is the cutest illustration ever. I collect old books with cute illustrations like that, but can never bring myself to cut them up. I photocopy if I have to. lol. I LOVE it. It turned out SO cute.


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