Tuesday, March 24, 2009

52Q: 11

hello and welcome to last week's entry for emily falconbridge's year-long 52Q mini-journaling project. i am REALLY having fun with these. until now, i've been doing them all by hand in a really low-tech way...but for this one i needed to download a hamster photo, & it just seemed a easier to put the text on before printing the thing out. well, hey, if we've GOT the technology, we might as well use it, right?!

question 11: what keeps me awake at night?

(hamster pic from t'internet, printed on kodak premium photo paper, 3 hour tour font, colorbox ink; reverse: notebook paper, mary englebreit sticker, uniball pen)

answer: "i may be part hamster"

text below reads, "...at least, i've always been semi-nocturnal. it doesn't take much to keep me up at night: too much caffeine or sugar...stress...excitement...or even just my own innate hyperactivity!"


  1. really...I wouldn't have pegged you as hyperactive...LOL....fabulous take on the question...

  2. You are so clever! I may be part hamster too :)

  3. Love the pic and the analogy! Though I've not compared myself to a hamster I totally relate as I am a bit of a night owl myself!

    (-: Heidi

  4. Great page- I only wish I was part hamster! I think I like to go to bed when the sun goes down- not a good thing in the winter! One of the questions I ponder in life is - Is There Life After 9 PM?.

  5. ROFLOL! Part hamster! You crack me up. I *am* awful glad that I never had a hamster - sounds like those little buggers are up all night....
    I'd rather be a stampire.
    Commmme too deee dark siiiiide!

  6. hehe too cute. I'm so slacking with my art journaling stuff. ;(


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