Sunday, March 8, 2009

giftbags are my bag, baby!

custom-decorated giftbags, that is.
with dragonflies...or possibly monstas?
you know, like THESE:
(yes, you guessed it, there was a great $1 sale on paperchase stuff at borders, including these cool cloud bags that i decorated for my parents-in-law!)

(paperchase giftbags & giftwrap from which monstas were cut, dragonfly cut from a magazine, rhinestones from michaels, letter stickers: sei, chatterbox, miss elizabeth, zig pen, 3m foam tape)

happy sunday, darlings!


  1. Both are gorgeous, of course, but the monstas are my fave! So cute, I'd want to frame it :)

    You are a treasure...taking time to do this for those you love.

  2. Ooooh...i love to your giftbags so adorable and special:) Something precious which is all by hardwork and handmade :*


  3. Omigosh, how cute are these?!?

    I especially LOVE the l'il monsters bag ... you're gonna make someone a v-e-r-y happy l'il kid!

  4. LOVE these! Totally fun and fabulous!

  5. Cute!! People are lucky to get a recycled creased gift bag from me! lol These are gorgeous!!

  6. These are just awesome...I love dragonflies, so I'm loving that one...but I'm with June, the monstas are my favourite!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Gotta love the monsta's my dear...

  8. Mmmm! Verra Ca-UTE! Agreeing with Amy, you've gotta love tha monsta's ;)

  9. You crack me up, girl! I wanna Monster bag for my birthday (said in my very best 3 year old whiny voice - which is *very* good indeed)!
    Awe. Some!

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  11. Love these! Monstermania in it's finest with this bag. And the dragonfly sparked an idea for me for my "batty" sister in law! Thanks! debb


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