Monday, March 2, 2009

52Q: 1 & 2

so now that my deck of cards is ready to go and my cover art has made its grand debut, it's time to embark properly on emily falconbridge's year long mini-journal challenge. and so without further ado, let the 52 questions begin!!!

oh wait a second, actually there IS gonna bit a bit more ado, afterall; i meant to say something about the overall design scheme, which is slightly different than my usual style. you'll notice these are pretty pared far, anyway! for one thing, i'd really like this to be about the questions and answers. also, part of the point of challenges--for me, anyhow--is to tap into the creative bits with which i'm not already super-comfortable. so...since my natural inclinations are to work A) big, B) slowly, C) well-planned-out, and D) quite bulky...i've decided to try to be a bit more instinctual...more minimal...and flattish with products; plus the ATC/playing card size is quite a bit smaller than i'm used to. of course it's easy to SAY that...we shall see how long it lasts; but as of now...that's the plan! :) on a sheer logistical level, i'm planning to put the question or theme on the front and answer on the back.

question 1: what do i wish for this year to bring?

(supplies: page from a vintage children's dictionary; hero arts heart butterfly stamp (used as a mask); making memories rub-ons; glimmer mist; colorbox inks; zig pen; reverse: vintage journal page; uniball pen)

text below reads, "continued/restored good a house...figure out how to be my own boss (& get paid!) stuff"

question 2: am i afraid of change?

(supplies: page from an investment prospectus; dymo labels--that look black, but are actually a really nice dark green; mrs. grossmans sticker; reverse: vintage journal page; uniball pen)

text below reads, "the REAL answer: well, of course it depends on the change... positive or negative? permanent or temporary? my choice or forced upon me? ...but for the most part, i would say i fear stagnation and routine more than change. gotta keep trying THE NEW!"


  1. FABulous my dear...I have to admit I chuckled on your change question :) I look forward to seeing all your questions/answers..have a super week!!

  2. Yay for a new year and a new adventure in journalling!
    LOVE these!!!!

  3. I love your flat-ish creations! This is such a great project!

    (-: Heidi

  4. These are awesome! And still *lauren-ish* even though they're flat :) I went and looked at all the questions so far and I think this looks like an awesome to find the time...LOL! I had to laugh at your *real* answer for the change question....I could have written that myself...freaky coincidence #6793

  5. Notes to self ... find a vintage children's dictionary & look around to see what would make a cool mask ... love both of these ... especially the large bills.

  6. Great pages! I love the change/bills. I am wishing for you that all your wishes come true- you deserve each one and more! Someone should be paying you for your creative talent with words and art! debb

  7. so nice to see that you are starting another of these projects!! i really hope all of your wishes for 2009 come true... and i agree with you on change (makes me feel a bit better to remember that change is the only true constant in life :))

  8. These are so great!!! I've been slackin on my 52Q and P. A actually. lol. I love seeing what you are doing. Also I'm planning out monsta atcs! I haven't forgotten!! :)


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