Sunday, March 29, 2009

good thing i'm not on a diet

because JUST LOOK at the delightful super-abundance of deeeeeeeelicious blog candy which just arrived from the lovely and thoughtful miss kristie! you see, a couple of weeks ago, kristie was asking for new blog name suggestions, and gave once chance in the candy draw for each idea. since some of us greedy types will sit and think up 3 or 4 names at a go...well, let's just say that i had a better than average chance at winning!!! :)

seeing as how the "spring" weather here in central new jersey is warm...but alas NOT pic is a bit less lovely than it ought to be. so i will tell you that featured in the above photo there are loads af *FAB* basic grey 6x6 papers...glitter rub-ons...probably (for me) a lifetime supply of gorgeous ribbons and trims...chipboard & cardstock die-cuts...brads in at least 10 shapes...and loads & loads of colorful buttons! WAHOOOOO! if you'll excuse me, i need to go MAKE SOMETHIN'...NOW!!!

oof, i nearly forgot to show you the very VERY best thing in the whole pack of goodness:

yepper: an amazing, stamped, flourishy, ribbon-bedecked kristie morrison creation!

thank you thank you lovely friend!!!

(and i hope you are well and truly ON THE MEND!!!)


  1. What a SWELL collection of goodness! I wanna see some creations, missy!

  2. Congrats on winning the blog candy and thanks for leaving me a comment!
    It's funny that you like the bow on my card because I always think of bows/ knots as the hardest part of cardmaking. The trick here is very simple: I tied it around the transparency so it "floats" in the window :-)

  3. You are most welcome! It was a very deserving win...seeing as I used one of your ideas for my new name :)
    I am feeling much better now, thanks. It's probably just all the super duper painkillers that they've put me on....but still, less pain is always a good thing :)

  4. ooh very pretty! Sorry I've been such a bad blog buddy! I haven't forgotten about our atc swap though I'm way slow in finishing. I still want to swap.


  5. thats card is fabulous, i love the big chocolate ribbon

  6. Magnificent blog candy....thee best kind of non-caloric candy of them all...

  7. Wow great blog candy and I just know there are some fab creations in your future from this group- can not wait to see them!


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