Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the card that didn't wind up being the card i thought it'd be

over the weekend i came across these realllllllllllly cool tags; the artist calls them "narrative charms" and they are properly made bits of jewelry, with glass covers, fancy findings, metal bezels, and so forth. there is even a class one can take to learn how to make them. since i am a cardmaker rather than a jewelry enthusiast, i wanted something that LOOKED like these lovely examples, but lighter, quicker, and less technique-intensive.

basically, i wanted to *cheat*.

so i did!

(tags: k&co; charm: psx; eyelets: making memories; gold paint pen: pilot; other: jump rings, mini safety pin)

i made the bits above using premade items from my stash, (including some tags from k&co's madeline collection...with which i am seriously enamoured!) it didn't take long, and i was realllllly thrilled with the way they came out. then i decided to build a card to feature them. but somehow, i wound up with this instead:

(cardstock: hobby lobby (thanks, stef!); patterned paper: daisy d's plus vintage sheet music & a page from a vintage french quidebook; rub-on& chipboard border: my mind's eye; diecut butterfly & flowers: k&co; florals: prima; sticky pearls: michaels; vintage eyelet (thanks, debb!); other: colorbox inks, 3m foam tape)

don't get me wrong, i really LIKE this's got more bits from the madeline collection, and pretty flowers, and fun trimmings...but do you notice what it doesn't have?

uh huh: NO TAGS!!!

somehow, i just couldn't get them on there. ah well. i'll have another go later. in the meantime, i figure am halfway through my mother's day cardmaking duties. another one in a similar style, and i'll be all set! maybe that one will have dangly tags on it! :)


  1. Cheating is soooo under-rated!

    And thanks for reminding me Mother's Day is just around the corner. Yikes! I need to work on my cache of MD cards for my first market day!

  2. I'm with you: I really like the card, but I REALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE your tag!!! I had that same cherub charm many years ago that I used on some thank you cards with a sentiment about you :)

  3. you crack me up....I love your tag and your card...both...even if they happened to become separated at I know that you know that you'll come up with something ultra-coolio for that magnificent tag'ola....

  4. This tag less card is so stunning! I am floored, I didn't know what to expect when I decided to hop over to you blog...the name of your blog is what grabbed my attention! I am so glad I came for a visit! Beth aka BR-T

  5. thunk!
    that was my jaw hitting the floor...fantastic!!!

  6. Fab card! I so love this post because I do this all the time- start something for a card that never ends up with it. You never know where art will take you- it's a journey! I will be on the lookout for the tag to appear- perhaps we could make a game out of it!

  7. I think maybe your problem is that the tag is uber fabulous and the card is magnificent and if you were to combine them the creation may just have been too glorious for mortal eyes! So your decision to keep them separate was a wise one!

    Can't wait to see the fab home you create for your tag though!

    (-: Heidi

  8. You 'somehow' managed to get that card did you? I don't know 'bout that... doesn't look like a 'somehow' kind of card to me! :) Perhaps no stamping (hey, I'm working on you!) but mucho gorgeousness!

  9. awesome tag & such gorgeous cards! i'm so happy to have found your blog- just love it!! big congrats on the Hero Arts win & thanks so much for sharing your amazing creations. i can't wait to see more!! ^o^

  10. Gorgeous papers, excellento colour combo... This looks so beautiful and elegant!

  11. Gorgeous card ... PS, the tag example link isn't working ... don't need to see it though because yours is so very cool.


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