Thursday, March 19, 2009

have you ever seen a prettier baby quilt?

than this one, i mean:

because i sure haven't! lest you think that the entire universe has changed course and the earth has shifted on its axis: NO, I HAVE NOT LEARNED TO SEW! wouldja believe i *won* this lovely lovely item??! remember a month or so ago when missus trash was having her fabulous craffle to benefit the australian redcross' bushfire appeal? well, of course i donated to that worthy cause, but i never dreamed i'd walk away with one of the amazingly tasty prizes. this quilt was made--& donated--by the astonishingly talented and super-generous katy of i'm a ginger monkey. it is gorgeous and soft and beautifully crafted and has the most mouth-watering array of pink floral fabrics in a field of white, with a reverse of what my sister calls "sky blue pink" on the back.

wouldja like a closer look? (thought so!) here ya go:

want to hear the very best and most awesome part of this whole thing? i have just won a beautiful pink baby quilt less than a month before my best friend's baby girl is born!!! talk about your excellent timing, eh? along with said quilty confection, katy sent a very sweet and deliciously scented lavender sachet...which i am keeping for myself! (shhhhhhhhhhhh!)

thank you, ginger monkey!

thank you, missus trash!


  1. you are more than very welcome Miz B. How generous that you are then sharing on the quilty love with your friend and her daughter. I am sure she will spend many happy hours snuggling in it.

  2. The quilt is absolutely beautiful, congratulations!

  3. Wow!! Gorgeous quilt...I love'll be a fabulous gift'ola to your friend...perfect-o!

  4. wow, lucky girl! (i'd keep the sachet, too :))

  5. That IS a truly beautiful quilt! Your challenge (ain't I a stinker?): make a Lauren-y card to coordinate for your bf :)

  6. You are sooooo lucky! That quilt is divine and perfect timing for your friend :)


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