Sunday, November 23, 2008

monsta thanks

lemme ask you this: does anyone else ever make a card they totally love...and photograph it...and send it off excitedly to its intended recipient...and then sit practically counting the minutes until said card arrives... (so that it can be posted without blowing the surprise) ...and then--here's the "does anyone else do this" part--i figure everyone has pretty much been with me until now:

totally forget all about it until two weeks later??!??!

this is not the first time i have done such a thing. i suspect it will not be the last time, either. in fact, at some point i will probably stop remembering that i forgot!!! will that be more or less upsetting, i wonder?? hmmmm...

well anyway, i apologize for the MONSTA bad lighting, but hopefully you can get *something* of an idea of the card i made for debb to thank her for the cool goodies she sent me! i typed "thanks" in lots of languages on one of her awesome vintage time cards...and of course there is a MONSTA... (this was officially the first monstacard; in case historians ever ask) ...and a bunch of other stuff. i am pretty sure she won't have received another of these...not ever!!! :)

(patterned paper: bo bunny, basic grey, cherry arte; + monster glued to index stock & cut from giftwrap; + vintage timecard; letters: k&co, miss elizabeth, ki, sei, american crafts; epoxies & stickers: mambi, best creation, love elsie, michaels $-spot; flowers: making memories; rub-ons: love elsie, basic grey; other: colorbox inks, provocraft roller stamp; zig pen, foam tape)


  1. Sweet and Fun card Lauren!!! My memory is horrible..I can't even remember what I had for dinner last

  2. So i have to look forward to further decline in my mental storage facility as I creep closer to "your age"? Wonderbar.

    I'm very glad to see that the creative part of the brain does not appear to diminish actually looks like it improves. Like cheese. Or wine.

    This is SERIOUSLY FABULOUS girl!!! Love all the cutting out piecey perfection. AMAZING.

  3. Spectacular Monsta card m'dear! And of course historians are interested in which one came first...or is that just me...LOL! Really, it's totally awesome and I wouldn't be surprised if you start a new cool trend for using monstas...they'll be making stamps and rubons etc in no time!

  4. Hi Lauren, I haven't posted or commented in forever...I'm loving the new look of your card designs and especially love your new banner. Oh the talent that oozes from your fingertips just astounds me.

  5. Oh- Oh- I have a first!!!! How exciting! It is such an awesome card- I love it. It sits on my desk to inspire me... The typewriter was sooo cool (going to be looking for one at sales now, along with as old fashion date stamp-LOL). Hope I am back in the creating/blogging business this week - last week got lost in the shuffle! debb

  6. This is Monsta-riffic! I'd say there nothing quite as fab as a hot pink monsta. Oh, and are those some fussy cuts?! (I'm sure I didn't coin that phrase) LOVE this!


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