Thursday, November 13, 2008

i'd like to thank the academy...

oof! hang on a second. wrong award. apparently i have *not* won an oscar, afterall. in fact, it seems that they don't even have a "BEST CARD" category! you have to make a film or something. what's THAT about??!

luckily, my lovely blogging friend amy has given me this prize, instead:

which i think you will agree is much *prettier* than that rather vulgar golden statue thingie anyhow! my only worry now is: will daniel craig still be attending the ceremony??! yeahhhhhhhhhhh...bound to be!

thus i say to amy thank you very VERY much, and right backatcha!!! (if you haven't been to her blog, you must go now; this very talented lady, amongst other things, is a such dab hand at minimalism that she makes even me--queen of "more is more"--long to be able to embrace clean lines and white space!)

and now i must nominate others. unfortunately, i have a small problem. as you know all of my lovely blogging friends are COMPLETELY AMAZING and thus choosing just five is physically impossible. therefore, in the spirit of KREATIVITY i am changin' the rules:

1. if you're reading this and would like to be tagged...YOU ARE TAGGED!

2. if you're reading this and would prefer not to be tagged...YOU ARE EXCUSED!


3. if you're NOT reading this...YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED!!!

(please note that whereas rules 1 & 2 are flexible, i will be making no exceptions to rule 3. thank you. that is all.)


the *BEST* part of blogging is the comments, dontcha think? thanks for taking time to leave one! ~♥~