Sunday, November 30, 2008

no card left behind!

'member monsta thanks from last week, that i made a while ago and forgot to post??

did it again.

this one is s a *timecard* CARD...geddit??!
and yes, it has a(nother) monster onnit.
(not to worry...there are actually EVEN MORE monstacards on the way...b/c you know me: when i get obsessed...i get OBSESSED!) :)

(vintage timecard, eyelet lace & slide mount courtesy of the lovely debb--thank you!!! vintage sheet music & russian text from my own stash; monster cut from paperchase giftwrap; pink sparkly paper: doodlebug; flowers: prima; bling frame: heidi swapp; rub-on: american crafts; epoxies: michaels $-spot; inks: colorbox; other: dymo labels, foam tape)

this time i used the timecard as my card base...and i really love how it came out, although, as usual, in my "more-is-more" embellishment enthusiasm, i fear i have covered up way too much of it! (sigh) luckily, a bit more shows on the back:

apart from the vintage goodies, i have used mostly scraps and leftover bits to make this little greeting, which is only fitting as it's a card for my dear friend, the simply elegant june houck. now, if you don't know her, you may be wondering, "what makes june such a lovely lovely lady?" so let me give you just one small example: suppose she knows you like daniel craig...and daniel craig is featured in the parade magazine that comes with her sunday paper...she will email to check if you have seen it...and if not...she will send you hers. but she won't just cut out the article and fold it into an envelope--no sirree bob! not when said british stud crumpet is the cover boy! no, she will sandwich said magazine neatly between two sheets of cardboard, wrap the whole thing in brown paper, and stamp it "do not bend" to ensure that mr. craig will arrive unshaken, unstirred and unwrinkled!

and that, darlings, is what you call



  1. Well yes, but she would be an even truer friend if she had sent you the no-paper, real life version of Mr. Craig sandwiched between card and wrapped up in paper, no?

  2. Okay, what a stinkin' a-dorable Monsta timecard....I just {heart} everything about it!!!! I love your "more-is-more" my friend are not the lazy card maker like I am :) Okay, oy vey, have you googled your lovely friend daniel craig...lord have mercy....your friend June rocks for doing all that...british stud crack me up.

  3. A worldwide reputation for your penchant for Mr Craig. That's how a girl gets a name for herself y'know. Lovely card though. x

  4. You are so sweet. I am laughing so hard at your lovely post that I have tears in my eyes!

    I love my monsta card. I have shown it off to my stamping gal friends. Lots of ooohhs and ahhhs :)

  5. LOL...see, I knew that Miss June was a keeper! What a lovely thing to do indeed :) And what an awesome monsta card too! Very fitting that you used scraps...I am impressed on all counts ♥

  6. I'm totally diggin' monsta phase! She (I'll say "she" because of the pink) is soo adorable!
    Yes, it takes a true friend to appreciate the seriousness of a stud crumpet crush!

  7. love your monsters- seriously this card is awesome!!!!

  8. Two very lucky friends- June for sending you a gift wrapped dream and you for sending her this delightful card- You are so clever!


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