Tuesday, November 18, 2008

somewhere between

sensible christmas
monsta christmas

there lies a little thing i like to call

and it looks quite a bit
like this:

(patterned paper: bo bunny, love elsie, doodlebug & a making memories journalling card which i punched into a 3" circle; flamingo: meri meri; snowflake punch: paper source; gems: mambi; rub-ons: hambly; wordfetti: 7 gypsies; epoxy sticker & ribbon: michaels $ spot; other: foam tape, scalloppy scissors, colorbox inks)

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "hey lauren! what on earth do FLAMINGOES have to do with christmas??!" and frankly i do not have any kind of answer for you. i just really like flamingoes... (hey--what's NOT to like about a bright pink bird??!) ...and i'm especially fond of these sparkly dimensional ones from meri meri...i bet i have gone through at least 3 or 4 packs of these in the last few years. i buy them every time i see them in a store...i never have a plan for them...and yet, somehow, they ALWAYS get used.

ok, so does anybody else do that, or is it just me? what impractical crafty things have you bought on impulse...and then made into something ♥FAB♥?


  1. I found CK in a pub many moons ago and turned him into a husband. Does this count?

  2. Oh Lauren....I love your flamingo card...what's not to love about it?!! fresh & funky...{heart} it! I'm constantly buying impractical crafty things ....I'll let you know when I make something FAB with them as soon as stop hoarding them...lol.

  3. Only you could have a bright pink flamingo on a Christmas card and it not only works, but seems completely normal :)

    I bought some fab paper last week because I thought, "This looks like Lauren and she would turn it into something fab." I love the paper, but it just stares back at me...LOL. I'll let you know if I turn it into something, anything...

  4. love the flamingo card! I'm too embarrased to admit to the impulse items I've bought like the black floc powder that I just found and haven't ever used! But when I was in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago I bought a pair of very silly flamingo salt/pepper shakers. they were silly and very pink. Love it!

  5. What do you mean its like a FL christmas card! Like I should be doing!! lol

    I actually made a flamingo art journal page last night! Great minds think alike. I'll post mine later. lol


  6. A FL Christmas card - exactly what I was thinking! I had the opportunity to be in FL for several Decembers, and the Christmas lights and decorations in 80+ degree temps was too much for my brain to grasp. ;-)

    And you do NOT want me to start a list of all the carp I've bought on a whim that I might use it some day ....

  7. You amaze me. Every time I stop here I smile so big cause your creations are SO unique and SO clever and witty and SO YOU!!! I love it! The paper crafting world would not be the same without you :)

  8. hee hee!!! you may have unwittingly started a new Christmas tradition...who wouldn't want a gorgeous pink flamingo on their holiday card...gorgeous work Lauren!!!

  9. I love the idea of a new Christmas tradition of flamingo cards....I have some cute Basic Grey paper with flamingos on it and you've now inspired me to make a flamingo Christmas card.
    As for things I've bought thinking I could make something fab with....the list is too long....LMBO!!!! I seem to be a bit like June and always buying DP that I think will be awesome and then just sitting there and looking at it :) Though there are a few other things....got some lime glitter this week thinking it might make fab christmas trees....stay tuned for that one!

  10. Q: What are those?
    A: Fingos!
    Q: What colour are they?
    A: Boo!

    OK, so you probably had to be there... but if you can picture the scene of my friend's little brother (who had only recently learned to talk) visiting the zoo, you might be able to appreciate it a little. Although I, myself, *still* don't understand why the fingos were boo, not pink. Kids, eh? I suppose I could ask Matt and find out what he meant, as he is now about 23 and *much* more articulate... I think...

  11. ok- this is just cute- great non traditional colours too

    LOVE it

  12. Oh!!!! This is absolutly `gorgeous `Lauren....You is maginficently `fantasticly wonderful`...I love it!!!
    Have a great Evening over there:)~X~

  13. I'm sure flamingos would say Noel if they could talk ... fab-o my dear.

  14. OK, I'm gonna have to make up a word to describe just how I feel about flamingo Christmas. Fantabulous! I'm definitely going with fantabulous!

  15. This is great! My brother and sister in law put santa hats on flamigos and put them out in a sleigh every year for Christmas! (I believe it is a form of torment for the neighbors!. I love the non traditional look! debb


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