Friday, November 7, 2008

it's beginning to look...

...a teeny tiny christmas! (well, ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but i have finally made ONE CARD, at least!) wanna see??! ok, but first the sketch, it's my fellow caardvark laura's #12 over at 2S4Y, and thus rather fabulous, like those tend to be:

i do the sketch most weeks...but i think i have only completed it by the deadline two or three times, so it's quite exciting to me when that happens! :)

(patterned paper: ki, love elsie, prima, making memories; transparency: hambly; ribbon slide: making memories; ribbon & felt snowflake stickers: michaels; dimennsional snowflake stickers: sandylion; circle punch: ek success; edge punch: fiskars)

you may notice that the nice vertical band on the edge of the sketch doesn't run the entire length of my card; you was getting late...i was lining up edges of four patterned papers and a transparency... (having for some silly reason decided to leave a band of white cardstock showing around the perimeter) ...and i accidentally trimmed the bottom bits the entire width of pattern instead of stopping at the green. by the time i realized they were on there--in the entirely permanent and unmoveable way that adhesive only really seems to adhere when you don't want it to--so i did what any great artist would do: left it that way and decided to call it a "design decision"!!! :)

ps: in the excitement of not only completing the card but having time to put it up this morning, i had to remove a previously scheduled post, which apparently already had two comments that i never even got to see b/c STUPIDLY i didn't realize they'd be deleted when i went back and hit "save as draft"! so i thank and apologize to whichever lovely friends that might've been! me & blogger...even after all this time...we're still gettin' to know each other over here!


  1. Good for you managing a 2S4Y and a Christmas card! I love that blog, but have not managed to make it over there the past several weeks. Caardvarks either! I hope that will change soon :)

    I love your take on the sketch. I tend to do sketches literally. I guess I still am a major left-brainer :) I admire your creativity so much. You help me think outside the box. XOXOXOXO

  2. Lauren, I love, LOVE this! I am totally wild about those bright, non-traditional colors for Christmas (My decorations are all in these colors). The way you layered the stickers on top the felt flakes is so cool...fab card!

  3. I briefly saw said post over in google reader and was puzzled why it wasn't here when I came to leave you some least I know I wasn't imagining things...which is really rather reassuring!!!
    As for the card....a delicious peice of Laurenish Christmas! But it's tough seeing all these Christmas cards with snow flakes on them knowing it's gonna be stinkin hot over here :) But those layered snowflakes do look rather awesome! and your color choices are perfect...I've been getting right into that red and pink together thing as you will see next week :)

  4. Lauren
    This is beautiful! I love the colors:) I'm glad you made it in time;)

  5. Oooh, what a GORGEOUS card!! Love the fresh colors! I think it's a winner! :)

    I've actually made a card for this challenge too, but it is too dark to photograph it now..I'll show it tomorrow!

  6. How fun!! Love the cut out and I love the colors, too.


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