Thursday, November 20, 2008

photo finish!

this time those wily caardvarks are changin' it up by assigning us a PHOTO CHALLENGE! cool, no? so what do you do? well first you take a gander at this lovely photo:

then you find some feature of it which inspires you, and then you go off and make a card based on your own particular inspiration. link up your masterpiece to the fabulous caardvarks' flickr gallery by midnight, december 3rd, and then sit back and wait for the praise to start rollin' in!!! if you need a few ideas of different ways to go with this one, check out the caardvarks blog or the amazing dt cards already in the flickr gallery!

but first, do you want to see MY card for this challenge??! (say yes! say YES! plllllllllllllllllleeeeeeease say yes!!!) ok then, if you insist, i will show you:

(monster cut from paperchase giftwrap; patterned paper: crafty secrets, making memories, doodlebug, pieces of a map, american crafts, scrapbook wizard, scenic route; cardstock: bazzill; ghost heart: heidi swapp; rub-on: my mind's eye; chipboard button: love elsie; stick pins: joann essentials; epoxies: around the block; other: raffia & rickrack from my stash; colorbox inks; dymo labels; fiskars border punch)

ok, i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "lauren has uploaded the wrong card for this challenge! there's no CORN on there...and for pete's's BLUE!!!!!!" but no. this *is* the right card and it's blue for a reason: i didn't actually have any supplies that were particularly autumnal, much less corn-based. and being deeply ensconced in "monstaphase" i really wanted to make another funky monstacard. plus, i wanted to prove that you can really turn ANY challenge into something that is YOUR style, if you're willing to think a little...and maybe go out onna limb. the scalloppy rows (made using a fiskars border punch and lined up to overlap each other) are inspired by the ears of corn. the tannish/greenish background is inspired by the husks. and the raffia is self-explanatory!

so what creative spin will YOU put on this challenge?? can't wait to see everyone's cards!


  1. Lauren...I love your "monsta" card...all I gotta say is it is scallop'licious! LOVE it!!!!

  2. I am lonin' your monstaphase :)

    How do you come up with these cool card ideas? In this case, those wonderful rows of scallops. Genius!

    Thank you for my monsta thank you card. Unneccessary, but VERY much appreciated. So is the Parade magazine preserved forever, or will some of it show up in 3BT?

  3. Great card!! I totally see how you were inspired by that photo. Can't wait to start brainstormin'

  4. Now I was thinking maybe it's a corn eating monster....or maybe since he's a space monster that he runs on *green* fuel made from corn...LMBO, sometimes I just crack myself up!!! Anyway, I think it's just adorable, especially your scallopy rows...very cool indeed :)

  5. I could totally tell that your card was inspired by the photo! It's just GORGEOUS, and of course I LOVE the monster! He looks like a "Gregor" to about you? :P
    ALSO love your flamingo Christmas card! And now I'm inspired to create something PINK. And, perhaps, sparkly. Whoa!

  6. LOVE this card!! And I love that you weren't so literal with the inspiration you obtained from the pic. You're just so clever!

  7. Your `Monsta` definatelt `Rocks` Laurenlove I your card:)~X~


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