Wednesday, November 12, 2008

goodies galore!!!!!!!!!!

i am sure you have heard me say it before, but one of the most fabulous (& utterly unexpected) facets of blogging for me has been how many amazingly kind, talented, and friendly folk i have met! just that anyone takes the time to READ my ramblings is already lovely...then i get wonderful comments...and's sooooo cool!

as if all of that isn't wonderful enough, occasionally someone just totally BLOWS ME AWAY with their extra-special, over-and-above generosity. case in point: my lovely blogging friend debb was talking about some fabulous flea market finds she acquired recently. this little haul happened to include some vintage timecards, of being me...i naturally expressed my admiration and jealousness. the next thing i know, debb is offering to *share* them with me...and practically before i can blink there is a packet in my mailbox with NOT JUST the aforesaid vintage paper goodness, but loads of other glorious goodies. see?!

there are millinery pearls...and fun confederate money...vintage lace & trim & notions...awesome little envelopes with lines for writing cards...and the coolest cardboard slidemounts i have ever seen in my life.

can you believe it??!

i don't know what i did to deserve such largesse, but for it, and for debb, i am exceedingly grateful! ♥♥♥thank you!!!♥♥♥

and now, if you'll excuse me, there are new lovelies to be played with and i must heed their call!!! :)


  1. Wow, you're one lucky gal...such fabulous goodies!!!! Hey, I have something for you...

  2. How lucky you are to have such a fabulous blogfriend who actually sends off in quicktime the things she promises you ;-)

  3. Sweet!
    Have fun playing Lauren :)

  4. `Hello` Big `waves` from me!!!Well looks like your gonna have some fun there!!!I couldnt think of a nicer person to give a gift to...because you are so geniuinly `lurvly` Lauren...
    Have fun :)~X~

  5. You are totally spoilt! I am totally jealous :) Can't wait to see what you'll come up with...somethin amizing I bet!

  6. Now I am speechless Lauren! Thank you for all the wonderful words. I am so glad you are pleased...You are truly an inspiration to me. Enjoy!!!! debb

  7. Kinda makes your heart sing when you get something totally unexpected from a kind blogging friend, doesn't it?

    I had that experience too, when an equally lovely and sharing lady sent me a whole pack of cards with pictures of monkees on. For nothing!

    You've got to love blogging ....



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