Sunday, November 9, 2008

crafty obsessions

the other day my lovely blogging friend gina (aka tyggereye, if you follow caardvarks or paper adventure; you should check out her art & her etsy--she HANDCARVES her own rubber stamps, amongst other things!!!) was talking about how she goes through stages where she'll get hooked on a particular technique or style or type of craft...... (for example making 25 digital layouts in a row) ...and for a certain length of time become utterly unable to make anything else.

of course i personally could not relate to that in any way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

and now, in a totally unrelated matter, may i show you a card which encompasses my three most current addictions: the 6x6" square format...the use of a silhoutted deer in a little pastoral scene...and of course the infamous concentric circle stickers:

(patterned paper: basic grey & prima + vintage sheet music; ring sticker: memories complete; word stickers: 7 gypsies; other: colorbox inks, zigwriter pen, foam tape, ek success butterfly punch)

so my question is, do YOU go through crafty "phases"? and if so, what obsession currently holds you in its sway??!


  1. Painting is the backbone that supports all the others. Although with Winter landing suddenly knitting seems to have taken hold again.

  2. You do such beautiful work!!! I think getting a card from you would be ANYONE'S highlight!!!!

    *sigh* No crafty talent over here!

  3. FABulous card! I've consistently been collecting chandelier images...mostly via retail stores because can you image if I hit every online shop? Anyways, one can definitely see a ton of chandelier cards on my blog :)

  4. haha thanks for the shout out. lol. I LOVE the card. :)

  5. LOL...I love this card, if I could find a deer I might become just as obsessed! My current addictions are prima flowers and designer paper ...though Thickers might be in there too! Oh, and ribbon and brads and....too many things :)
    Currently though it's making Christmas cards so that I have them all finished...thank goodness it's only once a year!!!

  6. Well if your obsessions lead to creations like this DON'T fight them! This is so beautiful!
    I, too, am stuck in the grasp of the square card at the moment. I am also fighting the urge to create everything from Heather Baily paper. So far I am winning that battle, but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

  7. Oh, yeah. I get in these cycles and I feel like all my cards look the same. Right now I feel like everything I make is a blue & brown combo OR using scallops (border punches, scalloped circles, scalloped squares,etc.) I love scallops!

    I love your deer obsession too...and the concentric circles. But using your circles falls under the category I term "using sold stash to make room for new" :)

  8. beautiful card!

    sadly i think i'm in a crafting lull, your blog is so inspirational i'm sure i'll pop out of it soon!

  9. Gorgeous card Lauren..I`m sooo lovin those papers...:)~X~


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