Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hey, monday!

that's all i had to say, really
glad i got that off my chest
'cause here i come!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh yes - Amen to that!

    I hope Tuesday (and now Wednesday) was (is) significantly less raspberry-blowing-inducing. (Yes, that is a perfectly valid phrase. I checked with a linguist and a grammartician.) (And then I checked 'grammartician' with a lexicographer, and it turns out that that's fine, too. Hooray!)

    ... Oh, by the way: Wednesday is my official losing-the-plot-slightly day. And I chose to come here and share it with you! Dontcha feel special?

    Ok, going now...*

    PS ooh, ooh, ooh, my word verification word thingammy is "legal" - first time EVER that I've had one of these that actually is a real word! How exciting! Although simultaneously rather disappointing, as it denies me my ususal game of making up my own definition (and pronunciation) for the word. Which is a geeky game, I know; but I'm unashamed :o)

    PPS Argh, I can't even type my own name today... so if you happen to know who the viscous chicken is, please could you pass on my sincere apologies for accidentally trying to log in to her blogger account? Ta.

    *Turns out I lied here. Sorry. But now I really am going.



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