Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Penultimate Week of ICAD?

Already? It seems that July flew past even faster than June, which was already pretty quick. I don't want to wish the summer away, but I could *definitely* do without the oppressive humidity that central NJ is currently experiencing. It's normal for the time of year, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, lol. I do like making art on index cards, however; and here are the ones I made this week:

day 48: what the duck?
this is the world's fastest collage, made very late at night, using the tray of pre-cut-out collage bits that i save for emergencies. so yeah... it's a weird combo, but i kinda like it...

day 49: off-prompt cut-out window collage
i saw a cool collage... ummmm  somewhere... that had a window cut out, so the top layer was only a thin frame around the rest of the collage. i'm quite sure you'll be seeing additional versions of this idea!!!

day 50: international postage rainbow
yep, off-prompt again. and still totally in love with rainbows of any description...

day 51: flower doodle extravaganza
this background, as well as the one from the rose frame, and the next two upcoming cards; were all smooshed colorburst on thick divider cards that i made randomly, just because it's fun to smoosh colorburst. sometimes i have a specific idea in mind, sometimes i just play and see what happens. this was the latter, lol.

day 52: hopscotch, redux
the little girl was a pre-cut-out element; the dominoes were in a crossword/variety puzzle book. 

day 53: blue or blueberry
colorburst + doodles = joy ♥

day 54: outline
this is an older julie balzer stencil from TCW that my friend anna found in a box of miscellaneous stuff at the ink pad. of course, she had me at "hawaii" lol; but as it turns out, my favorite thing about this card is the idea of tracing the stencil design very neatly, coloring it, and then adding a SECOND, messier, outline. again... i feel quite certain this is an idea you'll be seeing more of!


hope this week treated you well and that you'll have some fun and crafty time over the weekend!

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  1. Yes July has flown by and your icad2020 cards are piling up, I love the duck one the colours flow, of course the rest are fab. as always


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