Saturday, July 11, 2020

I Can, Therefore ICAD

Another week of art (and, for that matter, life...) is behind us, I hope yours went well. Here are my index cards for the week:

day 34: arcade
i skipped this prompt last week; but then i found my stencilgirl "1700s building" stencil by caroyln dube and realized i could use it to create an architectural arcade. so i did!

day 35: lantern
if i could magically wish myself one attribute, it would be to draw objects realistically. i'm not complaining or being negative, and right here i've managed something that is fairly recognizable as a lantern dangling from a sakura branch, so i'm happy about that. but if i could magically wish myself one attribute... 

day 36: ocean
(mandala monday)
this was going to be a drawing of mostly ocean with small mandala-style sun in the corner, but the sun took over, lol; because climate change is REAL!!! :) 

day 37: hydrangea
the simplest ever collage: a soft background, text from a garden book and a sparkly sticker.

day 38: off-prompt
funky swirly zentangle pattern copied from my friend lorraine's awesome "OCEAN" card.

day 39: off-prompt again
a colored-in dictionary illustration, framed in a vintage slidemount; hand drawn foliage and torn paper. all my faves. :) 

day 40: another collage?
yep, i'm on a roll... strips and ruffles; torn and rolled; glued and sewn.

hope you're having a wonderful, creative weekend!

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