Saturday, July 18, 2020

Cavalcade of ICADs

Another week has marched its way past, I hope it was a good one for you! Here are my index cards for the week:

day 41: scribble stick rainbow
i spent the afternoon taking dina wakley's amazing "focus on scribble sticks" class via facebook so of course my ICAD had to reflect that fact!

day 42: gradient
blended oxides on a library card... avec vintage poisson from an old book!

day 43: octopus mandala monday
ok, it's definitely an octopus, just not that much of a mandala, lol.

day 44: life on mars
a one-staple collage based on the fact that our nightly viewing this week has been a re-watch of the bbc's awesome 1970's flashback crime drama, "life on mars".

day 45: off prompt
i had never heard of an "ogee" pattern until ICAD c. 2015, but now i love drawing them. this one is funky and floral.

day 46: diagram
a very loose and random collage of an electrical schematic and bits of map atop maria mcguire's "doodle it geometric landscape" stencil from stencilgirl!

day 47: off prompt collage
i realized at 11:45pm that i had not posted, or indeed MADE an index card for the day. hence i got out the tray with all the pre-cut collage bits and assembled this in literally 10 minutes. weirdly enough... i kinda love it! :)

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  1. So awesome! I especially love the octopus and the ogee pattern cards.


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