Friday, July 31, 2020

Holiday Leftovers

Leftovers from the delicious meals of the holidays are definitely one of the delights of the festive season, but this fortnight at Jingle Belles what we're looking for are cards made with CRAFTY leftovers. Like the "extra" diecuts that didn't end up on the card for which you cut them; the last few stickers on the sheet; a piece of ribbon or twine from the end of the roll. Basically, we want you to find that little pile of things you saved because they were too pretty to throw away, then use one (or more!) of them on a card! And please remember to tell us what your "leftovers" are if it is not obvious.

I recently designed a holiday-themed "Class in a Kit" for my LSS, Paper Anthology which featured stacked windows of diamond, oval and circle shaped mats. Which means I now have a lifetime supply of diecut circles, ovals and diamonds. Not a bad "problem" to have, lol! 

I managed to use six of the diamonds to create my distressed argyle pattern, which I topped with a couple of fabric poinsettias and the leftover bits and pieces of Eyelet Outlet Swirl Bling that I had trimmed to fit on various other cards.

Hop over to Jingle Belles to see Stephanie's lovely card and start planning what "leftovers" you'll be serving up in card form!


  1. This is beautiful! And we all certainly have lots of leftovers!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous love the way ou ued the plaid on the musice paper. and that flower is beautiful.
    Just looking in my little "bin" last night looking for a tiny snowflake or two (not there) but did see other items that will work. perhaps I can get a jump on the challenge on the Civic holiday, only Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Ontario celebrate the province with the first Monday in August. (your Canadian history lesson for today)


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