Saturday, July 4, 2020

Another Week Flies Past...

...and it's time to celebrate Fourth of July already? Seriously, HOW did that happen?! Of course this also means that we are just a tiny smidge past the halfway point of ICAD's 61 glorious days. Here are this week's index cards:

day 27: cappuccino
i've always wanted to try drawing fancy coffee-top art and this seemed like the perfect occasion. i lightly sketched in pencil, added color with sepia, violet and prussian blue colorburst, then outlined with my faber-castell pitt artist pens.

day 28: off-prompt
test driving a new stencilgirl stencil called stepping stone #1 by maria mcguire. I used dry oxide inks in the background, then wet them and watercolored the design. then added lots of outlines and doodles.

day 29: citrus
combining the actual prompt of the day with mandala monday. this one is in citrus colors (WITHOUT any black outline... hard for me not to add that lol...) with some of my newer favorite pens from the ink pad. on a swedish library card that came from a swap with my IG friend, ellen.

day 30: souvenir
...or at least souvenir was my starting point; in the end, this became a sort of historical/travel themed collage... and i'm cool with that...

day 31: off-prompt
a somewhat vaguely nautical one-staple collage. with a manatee. and sequins.
(let's not analyse this too much lol...)

day 32: off-prompt
inspired by an amazing mosaic/wedge collage my friend cyndie reis made last week. mine uses the leftover papers that were sitting out from my manatee collage. the found text is from a spanish language childrens book and reads, "sometimes lightning jumps from a cloud to the earth".  

day 33: periwinkle
one of the few days i have done the prompt ON THE DAY; go, me! ok so, i started off with small funky periwinkles which promptly got overshadowed by large funky orange guys. it happens, lol; let's just go with it.

to everyone who is celebrating!
(and Happy Weekend to everyone else!)

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