Sunday, June 3, 2012

what are ♥YOU♥ doing for the next 61 days?!

i'm doing THIS:

the VERY INSPIRING index card a day project, devised and hosted by miss tammy on the fabulous daisy yellow blog!

my darling stef found it, of course!* and being as i've totally fallen off the art-journaling wagon lately, i immediately decided that i physically NEED to do this, just to get back in the vitally important "pointless art"** habit. so i started and i mean to keep going. i'll probably post some of them (maybe all?) in little clumps! here are my first two cards.

for #1 the prompt was "take a voyage":

(mme clouds paper, illustrations cut from a magazine and a vintage book, a stamp i got at long's drugs in the ala moana mall and a dymo label)

for card #2 i grabbed one of the ideas from list of prompts for the first week #8 "grid":

(k and co + american crafts alphas, plus 9,000 types of decorative tape including these brands: heidi swapp, hambly, tim holtz,7 gysies, free view, martha stewart and... ok, lots more...) 

making these was the most fun i've had in quite some time... i love just going crazy and gluing stuff on instinctively, without much of an agenda. my plan is to try to do these in about 15 minutes each evening, and my only rule (apart from the governing concept that each prompt be accomplished on a 3x5 index card) will be to NOT to toss out or start over on a card, no matter what happens, just KEEP GOING. so whaddaya think-- wanna play? check out daisy yellow for all the details, then jump in, darlings!!!!! ♥♥♥

*one of the many, MANY wonderful things about being friends with stephanie is that at least a few times a week i get emails with the MOST AMAZING links to things that lovely lady knows i will enjoy. kind of like a personalized boutique version of her fabulous LINK LOVE posts every thursday!***

**i use the phrase "pointless art" in the best possible sense: to make things aimlessly, without deadlines or expectations or an attachment to a finished product; to try techniques and experiments that may utterly fail to LOOK GOOD... but teach important lessons (or are just FUN!);  in short the ultimate expression of bruce mau's point 3: process is more important than outcome!!! ♥♥♥

***btw, if you are not reading those, you are missing out BIG TIME!!!


  1. Okay this is what I needed to get back into it. I will have spots where I'll have to "catch up" because we're going on vacation for a few days here and there. But I'm in! I'm catching up on your blog right now. I'm a total slacker. *hugs*

  2. This is really neat! Love what you've done with the challenge so far...I'll have to check back for more inspiration!!!

  3. These are both great, but I totally love your grid!


  4. Love this, Lauren. I can truly say that I have fallen in love with working on my journal because I feel I can express myself and not really care if it looks good to someone else... as you so perfectly expressed in your note at the bottom of your post about "pointless art".
    I HAVE to go check this out... thanks so much, dear friend!

  5. Oh these are great. Love your washi grid. xox

  6. Fantastic cards! Love your use of different mediums...fa-bu-lous!

  7. How super FUN...looking forward to seeing all of your index card art!

  8. Thanks for the visit and the sweet comments. The washi tape I get all comes from Cute Tape. careful though, it's addictive! xox

  9. such clever and fun cards! (and I love the name of your blog, it made me laugh!)

  10. Oh, how fun! You rock these types of artsy freedom challenges :)

  11. If only all grid locks were this pretty...

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to do this. You are one of the artists from whom I love everything.

    I want to hunt whales. Where's my daquiri boat???


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